'The Word is Given'

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"Time on the planet may move faster than in normal space."
The Word is Given
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Taylorholic Durant Missions
*Production number: TDRP16001
*Initiated: 180103
*Ended: 180100
*Year: 2416
*Aliens: Vitulians
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Next Mission: Profectionem - I.E., Leave.
*SIM Concept: Poison Toocool
*Historian: Poison Toocool


Through the use of classified surveillance technology we have discovered that the residents of Vitulus II, located just inside the Farn Sector, have developed warp technology. Their first flight beyond the bounds of their solar system took place 171214.23. The USS Taylorholic Durant is being sent to initiate First Contact. The Captain will hold a briefing at 180103.113 to discuss our orders and the status of the ship's refit/repair.

Crew participation

Poison Toocool (Comm), Commanding Officer

Cheryl Skinstad (Comm), Executive Officer

Jorden Allen (Cmdr), Vice Chief Engineer

Drathen Frostbite (LT), Helm Officer ((Yuki Horten))


Reporting: Comm Poison Toocool:

Senior officers met to discuss our orders, ship's status, and the redecoration of ship's offices that occurred over the traditional holiday season.

It is apparent that the Spacedock Administrator on SS Peedy Thor is denying any responsibility for the incident which damaged both ship and station when docking clamps did not release, even though all indicators said they were withdrawn.

Procedures on Durant have been modified and suggestion made to tie into the stations visual imaging system to determine if the clamps have actually released. These new procedures will be tested on 180107.1145 when we depart for Vitulus II.


Ship's Log, Supplemental:

Routines have been modified and appropriate personnel informed and put through training regimen. LT Drathen is highly skilled and will take Helm for our departure. All departments are green at this time. -- Cmdr Russell Sprout, Operations