112th Marine Detachment

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"No better friend, no worse enemy"
General Data
*Fleet Affiliation: USS Veracruz
*Founded: 030114
*Status: Active
*Location: Second Life, Sector001
Detachment Command
*Officer-in-Charge: Kyle Asbrink
*Deputy Officer-in-Charge: Vacant
Unit Gudion


The 112th Marine Detachment is station aboard the USS Veracruz in the Secondlife Metaverse. The 112th Mardet consists of 1 Infantry Platoon with 3 infantry Squads, and the Hell hounds SpecOps Squad

112th Marine Detachment Staff

112th Marine Detachment
Officer in Charge G-o3.png Kyle Asbrink
Deputy Officer in Charge G-blank.png Vacant
First Sergeant G-blank.png vacant
112th Marine Detachment Marines
Marine G-blank.png Vacant
Marine G-blank.png Vacant
Marine G-blank.png vacant
Marine G-blank.png vacant