140123 - Ship in a Glass Bottle

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Ship in a Glass Bottle
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Sheppard Mission Logs
*Production number: SHEP17
*Year: 2412
*Forum Thread: Captain's Log
*SIM Concept: Cordova Marabana
*Historian: Grooveshark101 resident

United Federation Starfleet

Mission Report

Sheppard Mission Log


Commanding Officers Log

Stardate: 131215

Report submitted by: Cordova Marabana

Subject: USS Sheppard Mission log

Mission log,

Ship in a Glass Bottle

Sometimes life takes an unexpected turn of events.

The Crew of the Sheppard has been working hard getting ready for their trip into the Bad Lands. Several people have been working on the clues they got from the strange being in the grave yard.

Apparently some of the verse is a clue to a map of which we need more info in order to better prepare ourselves for what’s ahead.

To get that info we will have to seek help from the Local Pirate’s. Not exactly the best place for the Federation but we have sent our Agent Paul Treardon a head to work with his contact in the mean time we wait.


Cordova Marbana

Captain of the USS Sheppard

End Log

Report submitted by: <Cordova Marabana>

Commanding Officer

Sector 001