140720 - USS Wolverine

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Neaver a Break
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Sheppard Mission Logs
*Production number: SHEP36
*Year: 2412
*Forum Thread: Captain's Log
*SIM Concept: Cordova Marabana
*Historian: Grooveshark101 resident

United Federation Starfleet

Mission Report

Sheppard Mission Log



We were on R&R when we discovered a body.

Soon after, we discovered a crashed shuttle.

The local security on Pinastri is letting us handle the investigation since those involved appeared to be Starfleet officers.

They of course want a complete write-up later about it.

In the meantime, the officer we rescued from the shuttle has been treated in sick bay. We were given use of the USS Wolverine at this time, a Defiant-class ship. We are still considered off duty, so we are working as a special task force for Pinastri security under the orders of Starfleet command.

Captain Log

Cordova Marabana

End Log

Report submitted by: <Cordova Marabana>

Commanding Officer

Sector 001