160408 The Face of The Map, Part I

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Stardate 160408, Location Sector 006D

Following our successful excavations on Ziwalsa and handing over our data & crystals mined to the Pirandian government, Starfleet Command have deemed our work here done for the time being. We've been reassigned to the relatively unexplored Sector 006D, a fairly unremarkable sector which has thus far not warranted full exploration. Pathfinders long range telescopes have begun to pick up some curious activity in the region, some variable luminescence that wasn't there before.

Perhaps the orbit of a previously undiscovered planet, a binary star system gone unnoticed, or a pulsar? The Thunderbird is getting underway to look closer.


  • CO - Cdr Azdra Portland
  • XO - Lt. Cdr Suzie Setsuko
  • Medical - Dr. John Sheppard-McKay
  • Medical - Dr. William Greymoon
  • Operations - LtJG Sytia Shran
  • Engineering - LtJG Tobias 'Syn' Wolf
  • Security - Chris Warblood
  • Science- Ens Daniel Jackson
  • Intelligence- Ens Cort Callahan
  • Marine - L.Corp RebelV