160808 - The Cure

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160808 The Cure

  • Captains Log:

It’s been a week now with the Doctor and Science crew working around the cloak trying to understand the disease and not affect the whole crew. We received a series of injections to keep our immune system up and hopefully safe. We have been successful in avoiding patrols and no alarm has gone up from the planet about its missing person.

Hopefully today I’ll hear some progress and we can see about curing the rest of the Trabes on Antir 3. I have high hopes and if anyone can do it it’s the Doc and his team.

Fleet Captain Cordova Marabana

  • Command

We gathered for a meeting to find out where we were on the cure. The doc claimed that it would take 2 weeks and they would need specialized equipment in order to cure them. But that it was possible. I told that would not do we need a quicker way to make it happen and we need to find a way to deliver the cure.

To do this we would need to investigate the mines and get an idea how things down there work and what we could use to cure the sick. In hopes the Doc can come up with a quicker way to do so. Next obstacle was to be able to go into the mines and blend in. Any equipment we took with us could reflect back on Starfleet if we got caught.

To my relief the Doc has a few shots he could give us to help our immune system, it would be better but it wouldn’t be necessary 100% protection. With that news I opened the away team to only volunteers. I shouldn’t be surprised that every one of them volunteered.

We checked out the moving and going of the miners and picked a place and time to start our investigation. I had everyone assemble and we were on our way.

Engineering, science and medical quickly started their scans while those of us on security detail watched for any trouble. We found adults as well as children all in various stages of the cruel diseases that ravaged their bodies.

We spent a great bit of time until a group of security guards started patrolling the area, we quickly gathered back together and worked to make our way out of the facility. The patrol had us cut off from our rendezvous place, so we were forced to leave from a second location.

Once back on the ship the doc had each of use checked out before clearing us to move about the ship.

Fleet Captain Cordova Marabana In Service | CO of the Sheppard

  • Science

Dr. Bram and Nurse Pila medicated the sick Trabe. He reacted well, and remains in the cool bio-bed.

Lt. Getry and Crew Tam scanned to establish the schedules in the mining colony, to find a good time and place to beam down. The Trabe work on 8 hour shifts and their bunks are grouped by shift, so we were able to find an area that should be clear for eight hours.

Since our hazard suits are identifiable as Federation, we took the risk of beaming down with only the protection of Dr. Bram's injections. The area was humid and 108 degrees. A whitish fungus as tall as a person was growing in the caverns. Strange crystals were in evidence.

We encountered three children sleeping standing up. We stunned and treated them. Then we encountered three men with advanced symptoms and three women in straitjackets, and treated them.

We saw several sorts of machinery including an outdated ore collector, pipes, and damaged air vents. Then Dr. Bram found a fairly large dilithium crystal and we took samples.

We headed back to the landing point but scans revealed people blocking the way, so Engineer Ramon set up some pattern enhancers and we beamed back from near the dilithium crystals. Scans detected no illness in the party.

Ensign Thalia Philo In Service | Science Officer