160815 - The Snatch

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The Snatch

  • Captains Log

The day was going like any other some of the crew were growing board as the science and medical departments were working overtime on coming up with a cure for the Trabe. Our guest came close to dyeing several times but the Doc managed to keep him alive.

The one part I enjoyed was being needed at helm not that there was a lot I had to do but it was something. I know the crew didn’t need to see me pacing. Sitting Ideal at this time was when I heard what sounded like a scuffle.

I was running down the corridor grabbing a large wrench as I ran. I came to a halt just as I saw the Kazon with a limp Indy Firelight in his arms. He was quickly transported out with a smirk on his face. On the floor was Lt Diavolo doubled over on the ground.

I hollered for help and Ensign Wingtips showed up I ordered him to sound the alarm. It wasn’t long before everyone was there. Doc Greymoon quickly with the assistance of Nurse Bryan Pioda got to work on aiding the Chief of security.

It seems she had gotten into a fierce fight with what we suspect was the Kazon captain. We made her comfortable, but didn’t take her long to become aware again. She wanted a bit of payback and wasn’t shy to let everyone know.

Lt CMDR Bomazi worked at getting to the bottom of the story as I rushed up to the command deck ordered Ensign Philo to scan for that Kazon Ship. Then turned to LTJG Stormchyld2 to give me everything he has on the engines.

Philo found the Kazon ship. I knew we couldn’t totally lose our cover though I was ready to blow the whole mission to get her back. I turned to Lt CMDR Coronet; I need a way to get on that ship… Basically I need a ride that isn’t ours. With that she got to working on my request.

It should be noted that Coronet and myself go way back to early days of the Sheppard. Working under Captain Dwi we had accumulated a few contacts. It took precious time, and we had to send a tight communication beam to the Sheppard to get their help.

Lt. Tirza was who we reached when we gave her the details as we knew it; she understood what needed to be done. She replied that she would be in position in one hour. I couldn’t risk the team or our cover much.

In a small shuttle like craft that was designed much like a racing shuttle arrived, the scanners didn’t pick it up until it was nearly on top of us. This was going to be something of a suicide mission though I hope it didn’t come to that in the end.

I gave orders to Jim to make sure the locals didn’t get wind what we were doing. I left most the crew with the Freighter and boarded the speed shuttle, to my surprise Lt Diavolo was right there with me. The look in her eyes said don’t you dare order me not to come. So I nodded and turned to Lt Tirza. “Hit It…”

With that we were out of there, we didn’t have a cloaking device however we did have an array of anti detection sensors. I won't bore you with the details but Diavolo and Tirza worked well together in keeping us hidden. We now in range of the Kazon ship, there was no way we were going to fight it with the small shuttle.

So far they had not picked us up with their own scanners so we had a window of opportunity. However, I learned that the Shuttle only had joice to send one of us over to the ship and it would take nearly 10 minutes to get up enough power to bring that person and one more back.

Lt Diavolo locked eyes with me, and though no words were said a serious conversation erupted in those eyes. Diavolo saying I’m going, I’m the chief of security and its my watch. My own eyes saying you’ve already been hurt once I can do this and she is my friend and crewmember. With the eyes narrowing she reminded me without a word, you're the freaking captain you aren’t expendable.

We stayed like that for a few moments until Tirza cleared her throat and we both shot dagger like eyes her way. She informed us she has adjusted some power and we both can go but, we would need to wait 10 minutes before she can call us back along with our commander Firelight.

We located where we felt she would be, and Tirza handed us both weapons. They were not Federation issue and I remember seeing something like them before then recalled an dealing with some Orion's. The syndicate had improved on the Stun phaser such that they could knock people out and transport them for Slavery all the more easily. Oh they could be set to kill but they had much better accuracy and wide beam capability.

Once armed we were transported over to the Kazon ship. Ok maybe it's just me and my own heightened senses but the Kazon ship reeked of odors many of which I had no idea what they were. From the sounds of a couple doors we listened to the Kazon had been drinking and were not really paying that close of attention.

We located the cell where Commander Firelight was held, and listened in. There was the Kazon Captain and he was telling Indy how she was now his pet and explaining what that meant and how she could make her life easier by following his rules. My hand gathered in white knuckles, Diavolo’s steady hand stopped me from just storming the room.

She indicated the time and I know we had a few minutes yet, it would be good to set up a diversion. I told her to stay she tried to argue with me but I wasn’t having it. So I left her muttering under her breath and made my way to the Engineering.

Do to some Kazon Engineers chatting it took me some time to work my way around them unnoticed and looked around. I quickly rigged up a small time bomb using the parts available in the Engineering lab. There wasn’t much to work with but if it worked correctly it would take their engines off line.

I made my way back up to the holding cell where I found Diavolo down with a long knife stuck in her and 2 guards down. The Door to Firelights cell was open and at first I grew concerned but when I got to the cell I found Indy unconscious but still alive.

Made a quiet call to Lt Tirza and beamed out of there. When the Kazon realized what had happened they started to search for us though they didn’t find us they quickly started travel back to the Freighter. I grew a bit angry that it seemed my surprise wasn’t working. The with a cat like smile I watched as their engines went out and the Kazon ship came to a halt.

Once back we got Firelight Diavolo back on board. I wanted to send them back to the Sheppard but to do that it would blow our cover. With a few whispered commands Tirza was on her way and the two officers were put into Greymoons care.

End Log Fleet Captain Cordova Marabana CO of the Sheppard