160822 - Delivering the Cure

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Mission 160822 – Delivering the Cure

  • Captains Log:

Well we have done all that we can do but time is running out my security informs me that we won’t be able to hide from the planet security much longer. My hope is the Doc will have found a way to deliver the cure and that we can get out of her in time. Powers to be have begun to close the gap and we may end up healing these people only to die in Oblivion.

Fleet Captain Cordova Marabana

  • Command

Once again we gathered together it had been 2 weeks since our last gathering. The Doc let us know that CMDR Firestorm and LT. Diavolo were recovering well after the ordeal of the Rescue. We had also sent the cured Trabe back to the mines. The Doc and science team monitored him and all seemed well.

We then turned to the mater of the cure and how to deliver it. The Doc informed me the best way was with gas canisters and engineering informed me of the best places to put them. I assigned a small away team to see to setting up the canisters once they were all prepared.

As no small plan ever goes without a hitch as the team was putting down the gas canister and guard came upon the away party. Our eager crew member Tam (AKA Brett9) quickly got belligerent with the guard and forced Captain Bonner (aka Jim Bomazi) to smooth over the edges.

The situation was getting critical until working with Nurse Pila (aka Thalia Philo) Captain Bonner had her deliver a high frequency sound to go off in the guard’s helmet that he used to communicate with the rest of the team.

Taking advantage of the situation the away team quickly headed out to place the other canisters. More guards started coming out to find and harass the team. Crew man Tam worked to distract them from the rest of the team but grew frustrated and at one point though he was ordered only to use stun him had changed his setting to kill. In doing so one of the guards was shot and killed.

This mission was quickly becoming a nightmare, all canisters were set and I ordered them all beamed back aboard. 3 Kazon ships were spotted on the scanners and coming our way. We had done what we could and left instruction with the one Trabe we helped. We started up the Engines set up an escape route.

Fleet Captain Cordova Marabana In Service | CO of the Sheppard


CMDR Firestorm and Lieutenant Diavolo are recovering from injuries. Between missions, CMDR Firestorm was kidnapped and Lieutenant Diavolo was injured trying to prevent the kidnapping. Captain Marabana rescued Commander Firestorm from the Kazon captain that was demanding female crew as a fee for protection.

We developed a gas delivery system for the Antir plague cure, and loaded it into several canisters. We put instructions for treatment on a PASD. Captain Bonner and Tam beamed down and scouted the area. Dr. Bram joined them and he and Captain Cadet Bonner placed the canisters at mine entrances and in places with good air circulation. Nurse Pila transported the instruction PADD to our former patient.

Before placing the first canister the landing party encountered a Trabe carrying a weapon. On the ship, those monitoring could know from life signs that the party was tense but the Trabe was puzzled and wary. Eventually Engineer Ramon boosted his combadge output so we could pick up the conversation, with some static.

The first word we heard on the ship was 'Understood?” It seems Tam had drawn his weapon and Lieutenant Ramon and Captain Bonner were trying to calm him down. We heard Captain Bonner explaining about the cure. Engineer Ramon suggested that he reconfigure his combadge so Nurse Pila could send a high frequency sound through it to render the Trabe unconscious. We did that, and Tam discovered the Trabe's weapon was not loaded.

Captain Bonner ordered Tam to guard the Trabe and stun him if he recovered. The other three began to place canisters. We heard Tam shout “He is awake.” The Trabe's life signs showed that he was awake, but we couldn't hear what he said. We heard sounds of a scuffle, then a phaser sound, then the Trabe's life signs ceased. When Nurse Pila reported that, Helmsman Dova ordered that Tam be tossed in the brig when he beamed up.

After the fifth canister was placed, Nurse Pila reported that more Trabe were approaching and Helmsman Dova reported a Kazon ship. The party beamed up, and Captain Bonner fell to the floor. He recovered right away and reported that a phaser beam glanced off him as they beamed up.

Ensign Thalia Philo In Service | Science Officer