180128 - Return To Kelso

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Mission 180128

Captains Log: Italic text

After some serious issues on our last mission to Kelso we will be making another attempt. However, this time I’ll be going along. I get that this is not ideal for a Captain to put himself in danger I can’t in good conscience allow my crew to put them selves in danger. Some are still new and well its not like I haven’t been in dangerous situations before. My body allows for some damage that others don’t have do to what the Nabraithians did to me in my first tour.

The plan is to go down to the caves, our scanners have picked up enough info around the land sides and we don’t wish to disturb the creatures there. They seem to have a type of spider from what my science department has said they are about 4 different species in several different sizes the larges seen being some 2 meters. Though there is some suggesting that further out and away there is some evidence they come as large as 10 or 15 meters tall.

We also noted a species that is like a large wasp about a meter in length that carries barbs that can cause a person to go into a deep sleep. Allowing the creature to suck out the blood while the opponent is still alive. There are many nests throughout Kelso with several other varieties, they seem to enjoy the prey of the spiders. There is some evidence they also will fight in packs. We have been very fortunate not to have to deal with those of yet.

Our scanners can’t pick up much from inside the cave however, on our first expedition we were picking up heat signatures. Its been suggested that the heat may have been some sort of agitator causing the creatures in the area to be more aggressive.

We will allow for pulse rifles as well as phasers for those qualified, though I’m hoping we will not have to destroy anything we do need to think of the crew’s safety. Our mission was to find out what happened to the people that were seen here its obvious they had established communities. The Tech level is more In tune with the stone age. With in that in mind and the pounding my crew had on first contact Its amazing the local creatures did not destroy the first people.

Life always has a way to thrive, but I believe something more sinister is behind what is going on. Something is to be said as to what happened to the team being so quickly rebuffed by the local wild life. There will be two teams, tactical team to lead followed by the research team. Once the path is clear the research team will follow. I am optimistic for success on this mission.

F.Capt Cordova Marabana

CO of the USS Sheppard