AI Apocalypse

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"Live to fight another day"
Search and Rescue
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Wildfire Missions
*Production number: WLF-RP0002
*Initiated: 130207
*Ended: 130207
*Year: 2388
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: AI Apocalypse
*Next Mission: Touchdown
*SIM Concept: Nikond40 Resident
*Historian: Nikond40 Resident


Captain's Log, We have been tracking the warp trail leading away from the U.S.S. Masters for nearly 18 hours. Our sensors haven't been able to find any real clues as too who, or what kidnapped all the people on board. However I refuse to give up the search until there is something to report to Headquarters.

Crew Participation


The Wildfire traveled at high warp trying to locate the ship that has taken the crew of the Masters. The Commander decided to take over for science, who was starting to suffer from exhaustion and after 5 additional hours of staring at blank screens, the sensors found a ship traveling towards a large planetary system at low warp. The wildfire hailed the vessel, which shared a design encountered by the Aviator years earlier. The AI vessel then fired on the Wildfire, which tried to fight back diligently, however they were forced to retreat when a well placed shot by the AI nearly crippled the ship. Wildfire then retreated to effect at low warp after tagging the ship, which resumed its heading deeper into the system.