A Bittersweet Goodbye

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Bittersweet Goodbye
General Data
*SIM Type: SS Tranquility Missions
*Production number: TRANQ-RP124
*Initiated: 110817
*Ended: 1100817
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: Bittersweet Goodbye
*Previous Mission: Cat and Mouse
*Next Mission: Twisting the Dagger
*SIM Concept: Kinney Randt
*Historian: Tess Tison

SS Tranquility has an unexpected visitor, who came to take away a member of the crew.



Stardate: 110817

Location: Approximately two hours from Tranquility by shuttle

Alert Status: Green

With the prisoner having escaped according to the plan devised by Commander Randt, the Hope is giving chase to the shuttle. Thus far, everything seems to be going as planned.


The runabout, USS Hope, was tracking the escaped prisoner's shuttle, and the Ops Deck crew was providing support to the Hope. Suddenly an alien (of a species unknown to the Federation) appeared in the middle of the Ops deck. An intruder alert was called, and security rushed to intercept the alien. The alien raised his hand and the security officer disappeared. Operations ran a scan and located the officer on a remote part of the station and beamed her back. Meanwhile, another security officer rushed towards him, and was likewise transported to another part of the station. This happened a couple of times, until the Officer In Charge (Lt Tess Tison) asked security to keep their distance but to also keep their phasers trained on the alien.

At that point the alien lost interest in the security officers, and approached Lt Tison. He began speaking to her fondly, and identifying himself as her biological father. At first Lt Tison rejected this notion, but as he continued to speak to her, she began to believe him. (Lt Tison's mother had been raped and that was how the Lt had been conceived. The mother married before Lt Tison was born, and the step-father had been very cruel to her. DNA tests on Lt Tison had revealed that she carried DNA of an unknown alien species, presumedly from the biological father.)

While the alien tried to convince Lt Tison that he was her father, Lt LeighAnn Mantis attempted to contact XO Aryela Dagger to apprise her of the situation. However, the alien waved his hand, and communication between Tranquility and the Hope was cut off.

One of the science officers asked the alien to provide a DNA sample to verify that he was indeed Lt Tison's biological father. He complied. They analyzed the DNA and found it to be a match, positively identifying him as her father. About then, the alien held up an orb-like device that seemed to implant information directly into Lt Tison's mind. As a result of that, she began to undergo a physical transformation and began to resemble the alien in appearance.

The alien told Lt Tison that he had come to take her back to his home world, which existed in another realm. When Lt Tison resisted this idea, he explained that there were those who would hurt her to get at him. He said that they would destroy the entire Pinastri System to kill her, in hopes that her death would hurt him. He made it clear that if she remained, she would not only be unsafe herself, but would be putting all of her friends and crew mates in jeopardy as well.

At that point, Lt Tison agreed to accompany him, but requested that he wait until they completed the task of finding the Orion Syndicate headquarters. Her father gave her the location so that she would not feel bad about leaving, entering it directly into the LCARS system. He also restored communication between Tranquility station and the USS Hope.

The alien gave Tess time to say short personal goodbyes to each of the crew. They he whisked her away to the USS Hope, and allowed her to say personal goodbyes to them as well. Then he whisked her away again, presumedly to his home world.


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