A Pirate's Life for Me

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A Pirate's Life for Me
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Shogun Missions
*Production number: SHO-RP172
*Initiated: 130428
*Ended: 130428
*Year: 2388
*Forum Thread: A Pirate's Life for Me
*Previous Mission: Into the Belly of the Beast
*Next Mission: On the Raggedy Edge
*SIM Concept: Mac Gaelyth
*Historian: Kermie Mistwallow

Stardate: 130428 Current Location: Sector 005D


Location: Enroute to Pinastri Sector from Sector 005D

Captain's Log:

We are on the way to the SS Pathfinder in order to drop off some vital scientific Data recently obtained from our recent missions, and then will be heading to Araxes: our mission will be to finalize the update of Cultural and Political information in the region, and to reestablish Diplomatic Relationships with the local government.

In the meantime, with Piracy on the increase in the region, we have been advised to keep an eye out for criminal behaviour. We have also been advised that a Starfleet Shuttle has been missing for a few days, presumed lost, in our region. We are to keep half an eye out for any signs of this Shuttle and its crew, and effect a rescue if necessary.


Whilst in Transit to Pathfinder, the USS Shogun detected a faint Warp Trail heading to a nearby system. On further analysis by Edwynnstryker Resident, the signature was mixed with several others, and had crash-landed into a nearby planet; it seems it was the shuttle declared 'missing' by Starfleet Command, apparently pursued by Pirates and shot down.

An away team led by Chief of Security Izzy Baum was beamed to the surface to locate the shuttle, and if possible, the single occupant. After a short time of searching, the shuttle was found, without its pilot, upside-down and tangled in a tree's branches. Analysis by Grindroid Resident shows that it was purposely put there by way of Tractor Beam or similar methods. It also became apparent that the pilot had been transported away from the wreckage. Engine emissions trails led to a nearby asteroid belt, where power emissions in the region suggested a former mining facility.

With piloting assistance from senior helmsman Glenndaugion DeCuir, Lieutenant Grindroid managed to secure and repaired enough systems to get the shuttle spaceworthy, and back into the Shogun's second shuttlebay.

After relocating to the Asteroid Field, a security Search-and-Rescue team was assembled and inserted with Shogun providing direct cover; a fight ensued with what appeared to be a small number of Hirogen troops on the ground; Lieutenant Grindroid was wounded in action during the exchange.

Meanwhile, a shuttle had been found to affect an escape, and was intercepted by the Shogun. The shuttle fired upon the Shogun to effect an escape, but was immediately disabled by accurate Phaser Fire. The shuttle and its occupants were brought aboard for interrogation.

The team recovered the shuttle pilot, who was badly beaten; Doctor Piper730 Resident immediately beamed away whilst allowing the Security team to clean up and assess the situation.

Considering it followed the typical hallmarks was that of a major base of operations in the region, Commander Baum suggested the destruction of the facility, which was granted; owing to recent Pirate activity in the Mu Draconis system, it seemed prudent to stop possibilities of reinforcements in the region. With permission Granted, the Security team set charges and extracted with Pirate casualties, allowing the asteroid facility to crumble in upon itself upon detonation of the device left behind.