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This page is a list of all Academy Information Links and Forms needed by Students of UF Starfleet and its Academy

UFS Academy Overview

The UFS Academy Wiki Page shows all positions and Information on UFSA

| UFS Academy Wiki Page

UFS Academy Continuing Education Programs

Continuing Education Programs give information on how you can further your knowledge in UF Starfleet

| Academy Continuing Education (ACE)Wiki Page

| Academy Degree Program Guide

| Seed a Ship Program Guide

| Command & General Staff Development Graduate Program Guide (CGSD)

UFS Academy Cadet Links

Useful Links for Cadets during thier time in the Academy.

| Cadet Handbook Wiki Page

| Cadet Handbook Manual

| Cadet Weekly Report Form

| Ridealong Request Form

| Ship Assignment Request Form

UFS Academy Curriculum Development

Information about creating and Writing Classes for UF Starfleet Academy

| Curriculum Development Wiki Page

| Curriculum Development Manual

| Curriculum Development Course Submission Guidelines

| New Class Proposal Form

UFS Academy Awards

UF Starfleet Academy Awards Program Links

| List of UFS Academy Awards

| Order of Achievement Request Form

| Academy Awards Nomination Form