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Introduction to ASDB

ASDB Introduction and Operations Manual Written by NikonD40 Resident 130724

Welcome to the Advanced Starship Design Bureau manual, This will be your short and hopefully easy to understand guide to the operations of the ASDB as a whole and make your chapter formation experience as easy as possible. Below are the basic things the ASDB does, and each one will be explained in more detail further down the writing.

1: The ASDB maintains a database of most of Starfleet's ships and starbases, canon or otherwise, ships can be added though so if there is a ship that is not on the database that you would like to use, it is possible, however there are guidelines regarding this as well which will be covered later in this writing.

2: The ASDB does not directly control what type of equipment chapter's can include on their ships, it is merely a guide to keep chapters from becoming “god-ships”, or including things that ships should not normally have such as cloaking devices on federation ships. Should your ship deviate too far from the class defaults, or have equipment it should not have, UFS will not host the information on any of it's provided sites.

3: At the time of this writing, ships are not allowed to use a registry number with a letter on the end, this is to prevent confusion with the wiki listings. It can be granted in SOME circumstances however.

4: Should your chapter carry things like shuttles and runabouts, you are allowed to name those whatever you choose, since they are attached to your ship and do not fall under ASDB naming guidelines.

Now that the basics have been laid out, now we shall cover the more difficult aspects of ASDB operations. As earlier stated, ships and starbases can be added to the ASDB database, canon or semi-canon, There is a somewhat lengthy process to submitting a class but if you follow this guide, you may have your ship featured on the database. You have to choose a class, and submit the following to the current ASDB director: a ship/base class (please note that only Federation classes are accepted), the ship specifications (Warp speed, armaments, decks, crew count, etc), and at LEAST one picture of it, 2D is accepted, however 3D is preferred. Once everything is approved by the ASDB director, it is sent to the UFS Deputy Commander for final approval, if it gets a green light from them, it can be added to the database for your use, if not you will have to either modify the class you submitted or choose a new one. Once more the ASDB does not, and CANNOT dictate what you use on your ship, all it does is provide a chapter with a guide on how to “properly” upgrade their ship so it doesn't become an indestructible machine with no weaknesses, or keep technology that is clearly not allowed, IE; cloaking devices as described by the Treaty of Algernon in the 2260's off UFS ships (one time use if a mission calls for the ship acquiring a cloak at some point in it to be removed later is an acceptable case)

Names and registries are chosen by the chapter commander, however the chapter submission form asks for 4 names and registry numbers, and while you are allowed to use whatever combination you choose there are a few basic guidelines regarding this as well. 1: No four digit registries unless you are utilizing a 23rd century build. 2: No registries with a letter on the end. 3: Names have be simple, precise, and preferably in US/UK English, (unless you provide a translation of a non-english word or word you want as a registry for clarification later)

Shuttlecraft: they are a part of nearly every class of ship, and they are yours and yours alone, nobody can tell you what to name them, and the ASDB is no exception. Every class of auxiliary vehicle, from the Type F shuttlecraft of the 23rd century, to the Danube runabout, to the Captain's yacht (provided you have a captain's yacht) the naming and registry is up to you. (please note that while the Danube class runabout IS a starship class of it's own the ASDB considers them to be "chapter property")

That covers the operations of the United Federation Starfleet Advanced Starship Design Bureau in regards to chapter formation, further questions not covered in this manual can be sent to the current ASDB Director either via UFS Forums, their e-mail, or their appropriate metaverse.