After Aid

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After Aid
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Shogun Missions
*Production number: SHO-RP176
*Initiated: 130526
*Ended: 130526
*Year: 2388
*Forum Thread: After Aid
*Previous Mission: To Catch a Killer
*Next Mission: Beneath the Clouds
*SIM Concept: Mac Gaelyth
*Historian: Kermie Mistwallow

Stardate: 130525 Current Location: Pinastri Sector, Mu Draconis system, Al Raqis


Captain's Log.

After discovering the aftermath of the attempted escape of Jo Massenberg, and her apparent demise, we find a small defensive fleet damaged, and potentially in need of aid. I have required Security, Engineering, and Sickbay to provide the necessary arrangements to send out Search-and-Rescue, Repair, and Triage teams respectively.

Despite my own visit recently to the Planet to attempt to assist in mediation or diplomatic aid in the recent dispute between the Orion Confederacy and the Xin Caodi peoples in regards to Massenberg, these are a people we as yet do not know. I already know they are interested in trade and diplomatic relations, and with the nearby Eluvians being a near recently 'discovered' peoples, Official First Contact would likely need to be established now that the 'Massenberg Incident' is now all but over - bar the Shouting.

I will be asking to meet with the Planetary Administrator, Ms Yazmin Soong, and the Eluvian Ambassador, to effect First Contact between the Federation and both the Eluvian peoples and Xin Caodi.


The Crew of the USS Shogun maintained local orbit of Xin Caodi, which remained in some disarray after the battle between the J'est Neb pirates under their leader, Jo Massenberg, with the aim to offer aid where possible.

Their primary defensive base, the Skyplex, was currently in a decaying orbit around Xin Caodi, and required immediate aid. Answering the call, the USS Shogun moved into a supporting orbit, and, being the only ship in the region with tractor beams and enough mass to do the job, locked on with tractors to stabilise its orbit, sending a repair crew over to effect repairs to the attitudinal thrusters.

During this time Commander Mac Gaelyth decided to lead an away team to establish the community's needs, and to address the situation with the local Administrator, Jazmin Soong, and, hopefully, to discuss formal meetings with an aid to trade, and engage in diplomatic talks with both the residents of Xin Caodi and the newly descovered Eluvians.

The Away Team found Xin Caodi to be a fairly well-established Mining Colony, with appropriate transit links, entertainment facilities and working locales. Curiously, one of the main drinking establishments, Shanghai'd, was attatched to the planet's mining system.

Divided into the necessary groups for assessment of aid, it was discovered that the Xin Caodi people were well outfitted with medical and scientific needs, particularly for their community, but were not ideally suited to the recent situation that came across with the blockade effected by the Orion Confederation, in order to capture the D2 Warbird Malal. In fact,there was one particular area of extreme scientific interest, an ancient Eluvian Temple with what appeared to be a gateway. This Gateway had similar energetic properties when compared to the abilities of the star base Oroborous.

Shogun maintained orbit whilst the delegation moved to meet with the administration, and continued to assist the locals with emergency aid.

Xin Caodi is a nearby world with interesting trade prospects and a viable diplomatic 'door' into talks with the UAE, and possibly reestablish positive communication with the Imperial Concordate. Due to their low level of security, it is not beyond the realms of possibility that they may approach us for aid.