All Roads Lead Home

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All Roads Lead Home
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Veracruz Missions
*Production number: VERA-RP010
*Initiated: 111112
*Ended: 111112
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: All Roads Lead Home
*Previous Mission: Final Curtain
*Next Mission: The Subtle Art of Diplomacy
*SIM Concept: Kinney Randt
*Historian: Jamie Czavicevic


Beta CO's LOG:

Stardate: 111112

Location: Helios

Alert Status: Yellow

USS Veracruz has been towed into orbit around Helios, to continue repairs while a science team goes to the surface to make sure, our rescue operation did not contaminate the Pre Warp civilization there. Captain Randt has ordered Beta shift to restore warp power and return to Pinastri as quickly as possible.

In service, Jamie Czavicevic


The USS Veracruz is in high Polar orbit of Helios, a prewarp Civilization similar to the Roman empire on earth in teh mid 12th century. Lt Jamie Czavicevic has ordered Lt Scottybrit Resident to take a team to the planet to determine if the Alpha shift rescue mission has caused any lasting damage to the culture, and to avoid any violation of the prime directive.

Meanwhile, the Engineering team works to restore warp drive and structural integrity to carry out Captain Randt's order to return to Pinastri, at warp 4 or better under Veracruz's own power. Lt Raine Brandi had left a note for Lt Czavicevic with an idea to use the phaser banks reserve power to boost the integrity Fields. This was a tactic used aboard the USS Defiant and she felt it could work for Veracruz. After several Simulations, Lt Czavicevic asked Lt LeighAnn Mantis to make the necessary adjustments to the EPS systems to route power from the phaser array directly into the Structural integrity Fields. Monitoring the Field Generators and EPS system, it was determined that the ship should be able to maintain at least Warp 4 with out breaking apart.

The Away team determines no cultural contamination had occurred, they were interested in studying this culture and have brought with them some artifacts for study. Lt Czavicevic called the away team back and the ship broke orbit and set course for Pinastri system. Slow accelerating to warp 5 while monitoring systems, the ship was able to achieve and hold warp 5 and moving closer to the Pinastri system.