And on a Pale Horse

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General Data
*SIM Type: USS Shogun Missions
*Production number: SHO-RP007
*Initiated: 090513
*Ended: 090516
*Year: 2384
*Forum Thread: And on a Pale Horse
*Previous Mission: Previous<<
*Next Mission: Next >>
*SIM Concept: Ulrich Bechir
*Historian: Damien Korolev

The Shogun has resumed her course towards Devore space. However the Captain orders a sudden course change when strange transmissions are detected coming from the Apollyon System. The crew is confused by this seemingly odd order, but soon find out that the Captain has seen this type of transmission before, and it does not bode well...


Captain's Log - Stardate 090513

"We have continued back enroute towards the Devore System, monitoring communication and mapping space along the way. For the most part, the duties have been fairly routine although several of my senior officers seem to be enjoying studying our guests in the brig fairly fully.

We have made a slight diversion to the Apollyon system as we are picking up some strange signals from that system. The signals do indicate a pre-warp society, and as such precautions against contamination have been taken, however the tone of the signals seem exceedingly fervent in nature. For cultural anthroplogists this will be an interesting thing to study and could provide insight into several different groups of peoples within the Federation and their development.

If we do decide to visit the planet, it may have to be covert. We'll see once we arrive. At this point, we should be arriving on 090515 and will take a high synchronous orbit to avoid tracking, radar and other methods of detection."


The Shogun, en route to Devore space, picked up strange transmissions coming from the Apollyon system. The transmissions were repeated ones, slightly odd considering that the only inhabited planet in the system hosted a pre-warp society. Upon hearing of the transmissions the Captain ordered a course change to intercept the source and brought the ship to red alert. Most of the crew were confused the Captain's seemingly over the top response.

Of the all the crew only Captain Bechir and Lieutenant Baxton had seen this type of transmission before. Seven months previously the USS Benton-A was in the Uvalu System to investigate similar readings. The system's star exploded soon after the ship's arrival and obliterated everything in it's path. The Benton herself managed to get back to the Pinastri system, only to be destroyed by a mine that had mysteriously attached itself to her hull. There were no signs that the star was about to go supernova so it was assumed that someone had destroyed the system on purpose. It was still unknown who was responsible. If the Shogun could get to the Apollyon system in time it would be able to prevent a similar disaster occurring there and find out who was behind the attempt.

The ship was too late however; Ensign Odriscoll detected enormous levels of radiation suddenly emanating from the system, and a massive shockwave heading directly for the Shogun. The Captain issued orders; engineering prepared the ship as best they could for the incoming wave and Dr.Skytower oversaw the setup of triage facilities in 10 forward and the cargo bay.

The shockwave hit, but was weathered without fatalities or major damage. The ship proceeded to the system, discovering that all planets in there had been destroyed, including the inhabited one, with the loss of half a billion lives.

The Captain immediately ordered Lieutenant Teichmann to perform a scan of the Shogun's hull. Within minutes a mine-like device, similar to the one that destroyed the Benton, was found attached to the starboard nacelle. Lieutenant Baxton was dispatched in a workbee to remove the device. Once this was done, and the ship had moved to a safe distance, Ensign Hyun targeted and destroyed the device with phasers.

In the aftermath of the explosion Lieutenant Teichmann detected a warp signature leading away from the system. The Shogun attempted to follow, but no trace of another ship was found.


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