Another Time, Another Phase

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Another Time, Another Phase
General Data
*Production number: AST-RP148
*Initiated: 131220
*Year: 2412
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: Malfunction
*Next Mission: Crack that Rock
*SIM Concept: Selenmoira Resident
*Historian: Poison Toocool


An asteroid impacting a star caused a shock wave to hit the Crockett and caused a strange shift in time, the crew ended up back on Astraios 3 days before their launch. The team around LT Brôgdram made it back to the ship. The task at hand now is to find a way to reverse their phase shift and to prevent the asteroid from impacting with the sun once again.

Crew participation

Comm Hidalgo Dorchester - Helm

LT JohnnyB Guardian - Operations

LTjg RhysJayden Resident (RhysJayden Baumeister) - Engineer

LTjg KirstyTamae Resident (Kirsty Tamae) - Science

LT Selenmoira Resident (Daecalad Brôgdram) - Teamleader


Ship's Log: We made it back aboard the ship and brought stray crew members with us as we found them on our way back.

Once we were back on the bridge we had a short discussion about our current situation. Our first task at hand was to remove the docking clamps from the ship to enable us to leave the dock. Our Chief Engineer Lt JG Baumeister came up with a doable solution by simply taking a workbee outside and removing the clamps manually. Once freed we engaged our propulsion systems and left the ship yard.

After some calculations our Chief Science Officer Lt Jg Tamae informed us that we were about ten days in our past and she also pinpointed our exact phase variance which might help us later on to correct this issue.

We determined that the impact of the asteroid with the sun in question was responsible for our current problems and, since we were now in the past before that event occurred, that we now need to prevent it from impacting with the sun.

Commodore Dorchester plotted an intercept course to the coordinates of the asteroid and accelerated to warp 8. Both cores were functioning normally and we had full power available to all sub systems.

Once we arrived at the asteroid we hoped that our recourses on board would be enough to complete the mission to prevent the impact with the sun.

Lt Guardian followed Comm Dorchester's plan to drill a deep hole into the surface of the asteroid to attack it from the inside and to make maximum use of our torpedo's explosive power. Since the hole was not drilled deep enough only a 2 km large piece was blasted off.

The Commanding Officer of the mission, Lt Brôgdram, had some difficulties to decide which of the offered solutions to use for another attempt to stop the asteroid on its course to disaster.