Artefact Quest

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Artefact Quest
General Data
*Production number: AST-RP159
*Initiated: 140105
*Year: 2412
*Aliens: Cryrairos
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: Cryosphere II
*Next Mission: Videbimus
*SIM Concept: David7 Bravin, Genny7 Markus
*Historian: Poison Toocool


The second visit to the surface of the Ice planet by the Away Team was most surprising. The middle of the frozen lake proved to be an unexpected entrance to the "sacred" cave of the Yeti-like Cryrairons. Immediately below the frozen lake was a large room with walls covered with paintings of ancient Egyptians and hieroglyphs. A corridor off that room lead to another room in which there was an Iconian Gateway.

The Gateway however did not appear to be working. An attempt was made to get the Gateway working by inserting the artefact that had been discovered in the Asteroid belt into the control unit. But since the artefact was incomplete the Gateway remained inoperative.

It is planned to try and recover the missing piece of the artefact from the Asteroid belt in the hope that the complete artefact might prove to be the key to getting the Gateway working again.

Crew participation

Cmdr Genny7 Markus: Mission Command

Capt Karl Quar: Chief Engineer

Capt Dolfke Barbosa: Chief Security Officer

Cmdr Breydon Lane: Medical Officer

Cmdr David7 Bravin: Chief Science Officer

LtCmdr Saraleah Sands: Helm


Log Entry: Commander Genny7 Markus, 140223: I held a meeting of senior officers in the Observation/Briefing Room to discuss our proposals for retrieving the missing piece of the Iconian artefact from the Asteroid belt. I reminded everyone that we had given out the story that the USS Neil Armstrong had gone on a deep space voyage of exploration after we had escorted the Treman ship "Bravo" from Astraios Prime and had left them at the Asteroid belt to continue their journey home. Therefore it would raise suspicions if the 'Armstrong returned to the Asteroid belt so soon. As such I considered that we should send one of our Runabouts back to the Asteroid belt, to locate and retrieve the missing piece of the Iconian artefact. To that end I decided that Chief Security Officer, Capt Dolfke Barbosa should take the USS Matterhorn and lead the Away Mission, whilst I would stay aboard the 'Armstrong and explore the other planets in the star system until the 'Matterhorn returned.

Chief Science Officer, Cmdr Bravin, then stated his concerns about taking the Iconian artefact back to the Asteroid belt to help detect the missing piece of the artefact. He felt that our assumption that the artefact in our possession would start to glow once it nears the missing piece within the Asteroid belt was misplaced, since it was not glowing when we first brought it aboard the Armstrong - despite it having to have been in close proximity to the other piece at the time. The artefact had only started to glow when it was taken near to the Gateway on Astraios. Since we came across the artefact after we had fired our phasers at the asteroid, Cmdr Bravin was of the opinion that we should still be able to detect the energy signature of our phasers among the asteroid fragments and then scan for the missing piece of artefact.

Capt Barbosa then took the Away Team to the USS Matterhorn and set off for the Asteroid belt.