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The Humboldt Asteroid belt. A huge ring of rocks in orbit between Pinastri VI and VII. Some are small, some are very large but there is very little data about composition, large bodies, anomolies, etc. Long range sensors cant handle all of them due to radiation and other interferences inside the belt. This mission is gather more data about the belt and to catalog and map unusual and big asteroids. The USS Magellan will be assigned to this mission as it is a small ship with specialised Science gear. From time to time, expeditions will be performed to the asteroid belt for either a few hours or a few days. Mission parameters: - Scan the asteroid belt as much we can. - Map and catalog interesting asteroids. - Scan for composition of big rocks. - Perform EVA's on large rocks if needed. - Analyse geological data. - Scan and analyse any anomolies.

Stardate 100406

The of several asteroids resulted that many different asteroids were found:

- About 300 meters in diameter. 50% iron, 20% nickel, 10% dilithium and 20% ice. - 250 meters in diameter. 60% iron, 30% silica and 10% ice. - No local gravity fields.

A remarkable finding was made on this asteroid :

20 meters in diameter. 20% iron, 10% ice and 70% dilithium.

The dilithium is the same type of that Dragon we found a few months ago. Blue crystals scattered across the surface and underneath.

This "modified" DQ-Dillithium will be researched by PRF Scientists.

Stardate 100420

Report of Chief of Science Commander Broek :

"After i collected the 5 samples of blue dilithium crystals i've installed a small standalone Warp core in the lab for field testing. I've placed the smallest sample in the Dilithium assembly chamber and opened the fuel tanks. The Warp core went online without problems and the crystal reacted perfect on the flow regulations. I started at 10% power and everthing went perfect but no changes. At 20% power the same results. After hitting 35% power i've read an effiency increase of 2,5%. Means a bit more power output with the same matter/antimatter injection mix. A short while later the integrity of the crystal dropped by 50% and a few minutes later it broke down. I've shutdown the warp core and didnt find any hazards or dangers for a warp core breach. Next time i use the biggest sample. The XO ordered me to ask for supervision of an Engineer when i decide to increase the power beyond 50%."