Awakened Spirit

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Sheppard Spirit.png
Awakened Spirit
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Sheppard Missions
*Production number: SHEP-RP053
*Initiated: 110226
*Ended: 110226
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: Awakened Spirit
*Previous Mission: Previous
*Next Mission: Next >>
*SIM Concept: Mulgrave Dwi
*Historian: April Coswell

While an away team attempts to repair a satellite controlling ion storms around a planet where Sheppard is grounded, things go awry on the ship when a creature inhabiting a crew member attempts to seize control.


Location: Midgar Sector, Parsec C1, 32.3 Lyrs from Pinastri

Captain's log, Stardate 110226.

- Captain Dwi looks up at the screen with a tattoo patterned across the right side of her face and begins her log -

A week later and that ion storm is still in orbit. Science informs me it is far from a natural occurance and I do wonder what the purpose of holding us here - or did they intend to simply destroy us in the storm? As per my orders earlier in the week, Science. along with Engineering, have managed to rig up some sort of improved sensor capabilities to allow us to detect objects in orbit. We have detected what we believe is the alien satellite in orbit and I've tasked Ensign Starflare with following up on his idea to gain access to the satellite, either using a shuttle relay or a transporter signal to the satellite, or modifying a shuttle sufficiently so it can last long enough for a close inspection. There is also the possibility of lifting the Sheppard as the stonger shielding could provide sufficient cover - at least long enough to investigate the satellite. However, I'd prefer not to risk the whole ship, especially with the Rechta and civilians requiring our assistance still.

On that note, I should mention that the Rechta, with our assistance, are nearly ready to leave orbit,.Captain Jaali has been most appreciative of our assistance and yesterday called me to his ship for an honour ceremony. *sighs* It was an interesting experience, one that I wasn't quite prepared for. Jaali explained that after a battle such as the one we were involved in, we must honour the dead and the allies that came to give assistance. It involved reading of a list of the people lost, including their clan and families. It was a touching and solemn affair - the last name on the list being that of Captain Juran. In the short time Iknew him I came to respect and admire his sense of honour and steadfast nature; the ceremony very nearly brought me to tears at that point. Capain Jaali then turned around and said in honour of the Sheppard's assistance I was to be named a friend of the clans... What I didn't realize is that it involved a ritual tattoo genetically coded and quite permanent, according to the doctors - unless I want a full skin graft.

After speaking with Captain Jaali on the matter, he explained that it would fade over time but due to the clan's excellent eyesight, they will always see it. Later the doctors explained that the genetic marker has some interesting fluorescent properties which. under the right light, will make the tattoo visible to the human eye spectrum for a short period. The clan's eyes, however, can detect the markers.

In any case, it was an honour and if it helps bring peace and prevent further hostilities when this mess is finished, then I'm willing to take the small inconvience. What I'm more concerned about is Lt Fhang's current behaviour, or well I should say physical status. i was informed by the doctors that she has some sort of psychic stowaway that she may or may not be aware of. We currently have her under observation and the doctor is investigating. What is worrisome is that the doctor doesn't know yet if it is just the Lieutenant who is affected or more of the crew.

Computer, end log.


As Sheppard lay grounded on a planet, unable to take off due to raging ion storms, preparations got under way to implement Ensign Starflare's plan for gaining access to the satellite that controlled the storms in an attempt to power it up. Ensign Xanthi suggested placing her bioship, Gneru, in a low altitude to act as a relay for the transporter beam. Once Gneru was in position, an away team led by Operations Chief April Coswell transported up to the satellite. However, as the away team got to work on bringing it back online, word came from Xanthi that contact with Sheppard had been lost and that the ship seemed to be without power.

On Sheppard, an alien intelligence which had infected Engineer Zoey Fhang had gone rogue, cut power to the ship and locked out the computer before attempting to infect other crew members. The crew fought to recover the ship deck by deck, curing infected crew members using a sound wave technique devised by Acting Chief Medical Officer Dana Dimsum to chase away the parasites. Dr. Dimsum and Security Chief Jess Hamelin found Lieutenant Fhang hiding in unoccupied quarters on Deck 2 and attempted to use the sound wave on her - but found her more resistant than the other infected crew members.

Meanwhile, after trying unsuccessfully to communicate with Sheppard using various methods, the away team turned its attention to restoring power to the satellite and dissipating the storms. Once power was restored and the storm intensity was reduced sufficiently, Lieutenant Coswell ordered her team back to Sheppard. As the infected crew members were being treated, the main priority was to restore access to the computer, which proved trickier than expected - until bridge displays started flashing to life on their own. It seemed that the civilian advisor Lady Byrna, down in the shuttlebay, had decided to use one of the shuttles' computer to interface with Sheppard's main core, providing at least a stopgap solution.

In sickbay, after some effort by Dr. Dimsum and then Captain Dwi to come to a deal with the alien intelligence occupying Lieutenant Fhang's body. It was finally Lady Byrna who, once again, proved most persuasive in convincing the creature to leave.


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