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A Change of Plans
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Menelaus Missions
*Initiated: 101014
*Ended: 101120
*Year: 2385
*Aliens: UFS Various
*Forum Thread: A change of Plans
*Previous Mission: << BP1 the dark ship
*Next Mission: BP1 of Eggs and detours >>
*SIM Concept: Ezra Sweet, Tedra Llewellyn, & Thallanor Rasmuson

Mission Briefing

We are again on our way to the small planet outpost, next on our list. After getting into trouble last time, while investigating an ship, its good to be back in routine. Most of our crew was released of that experiment an are now back on duty. We do not fore see any difficulties except that the power fluctuation is still an issue and the smell on deck 7 is also still present.

Our Captain is currently in the Ready room processing paperwork.

Mission Summary

Captains log, Stardate 101016

...Today has not been the greatest of days, on route to Talos IV we received a general distress call from a neighbouring planetary system. Starfleet Records show that this Star System had two planets with life, one pre-historic and another, from which the distress call came, a pre-warp civilisation. The Distress call stated that an unidentified object was heading directly at the planet. We began to approach very aware of the prime directive. If the planets population was able to determine there was an object in space on a collision cause we were careful not to be visible to what ever satellite system they may have and so followed on directly behind the object.

Initial scans shows that the object was not of natural origin and that it was carrying a biological payload, but before our sensors could detects anything further it raised shields through which we could not breach with sensors...

...As the right of each sentient being to live in accordance with its normal cultural evolution is considered sacred, no Starfleet personnel may interfere with the normal and healthy development of alien life and culture. Such interference includes introducing superior knowledge, strength, or technology to a world whose society is incapable of handling such advantages wisely. Starfleet personnel may not violate this Prime Directive, even to save their lives and/or their ships, unless they are acting to right an earlier violation or an accidental contamination of said culture. This directive takes precedence over any and all other considerations, and carries with it the highest moral obligation....

...Until this point the prime directive had refused to allow us to intervene, but this was not a natural event and so long as the planets population never knew we were here, we could try do something about it.

The Weapon then sent a hail, warning us not to interfere with is mission. Claiming to be preparing the way for a life form

Unfortunately before we had time to come up with much in the way of a plan of action, a being appeared on our bridge and took control of Lieutenant LeighAnn Mantis. At first she seemed faint and dizzy so Lt. CMDR Sarheni Kanto took her to sickbay. Kanto has been temporarily seconded to medical duties till a suitable replacement can be assigned.

Our attention now turned to the object, which we had no other information to go on and so now considered it a weapon. Despite Commander Jim Foxley's & Lieutenant Data Giant with the help of Ensign Jonas Ogden very best efforts, we were unable to come up with a solution. To add to this, the now possessed Lieutenant Mantis had site to site transported to the bridge, and injected me with some tubules. I cannot describe the agony that it caused but I shortly there after fell unconscious and next think I remember I am in Sickbay.

Lieutenant Commander Tedra Llewellyn took command but it was little to late as the 'weapon' plummeted to the planet and delivered its payload. Scans are underway and an urgent call to SS Athena for assistance has been sent.

We now find ourselves in a very difficult situation. The planets population are now slowly beginning to die, we are left with one inescapable question... to help... or not. If we help resolve a planet wide catastrophe without revealing ourselves to a civilisation that, to our knowledge, has no knowledge of other life off its own planet, what impact would that have on the planets population? If we do and make it worse, then what? Why was a seemingly destructive weapon heading towards a planet in UFS Space? Why, did the planet send the distress call into space? Do they know of other life forms outside their own planet? If they do, should we take this as the excuse or reason to make first contact? ... then there is the 'weapon'.... is it telling the truth... by helping the planets population are we interfering with the natural evolution of the life form the weapon warned us about? All important questions...

It is clear that the implications of such a decision will be major... and I must way it up before making it. At this time, Menelaus is making all efforts to gather data pending the arrival of the Scientific and Medical staff of SS Athena, buying me a small amount of time to decide the fate of over 200,000,000 people."

First Officers Log, Stardate 101016

I am in command of the ship again... The EMH says that our captain will be fit for duty within a day, so way before the Athena Shipp will arrive. I have sent Cmdr Jim Foxley to investigate the possibility of an antidote of whatever is down there. Lt. McCallen is monitoring the planets news and communications. A hard job as more and more people getting to hospital and we as of now can not do anything about it.

We have now a stationary orbit over the planets North pole (we assume its north) while monitoring the situation. Lt. Cmdr Kanto is now assisting Commander Foxley, while Lt. Mantis is in medical confinement for the time being.

Security has swept the ship but so far it seems no other alien substance is left so no contamination except the one of Lt. Mantis, who can not remember her actions nor that i tackled her to the ground.

Captains log, Stardate 101023

The Support team from SS Athena are due for arrival today at 0900hrs. We will then begin, with the available data, work out what, if anything, we can do for the planet.

in the mean time, I will consult with my first officer and Thall on the merits of the Prime Directive in this situation.

Captains log, Stardate 101023

With the Weapon now on the surface delivering its payload, time was something we clearly didn't have in abundance. Thall arrived and having reviewed the data we sent to him en route, we got straight down to business. Commander Jim Foxley & Lieutenant Commander Sarheni Kanto had been working tirelessly on ways to counter act the situation.

Seemingly our polar orbit of this planet has been giving us all manner of problems with systems. The most prevalent of note being the warning systems, every so often the Ship wold randomly sound the klaxons and go to an alert level. The Crew have been running back and forth from their posts as the alarms went off so some are a little exhausted, specially the ones between duty shifts.

Anyway, While Tedra commanded took the bridge, Thall and I sat round discussing the particulars of the prim directive. I think we both agree that the Prime Directive is somewhat general in its wording making life miserable for those who mull over its application to a situation. None the less, we agreed that at that point, there was nothing we could really do until some new information developed.

Returning to the bridge we continued our research, having retrieved a sample of the weapons payload from the surface. Without knowing, based in fact, why this weapon had been launched into UFS territory, I felt it important that we gather as much information as we could in the even that should we be facing a new hostile species we are able to adequately prepare ourselves. This may not be the only planet that could have a missile launched at it, then again, I may be an isolated incident.

Thall worked with McCellen to monitor the planets communication channels. It seems that the military organisations on the planet where trying to keep it a secret despite the mass populous suffering an epidemic. They seem to know that the object was not natural and had purposefully sent the signal into space in a desperate attempt to get help, however their knowledge of alien species did seem to be based on the fact the weapon was not a naturally occurring object like an asteroid or comet. The decision became clear, if we do anything, we cant make first contact.

Despite systems problems, Foxley and Kanto came through once again for us and managed to develop an antigen that we could deploy to nullify the weapons further, while also slowly counter acting the contaminated biosphere of the planet. But there in lay the problem, with Transporter and weapons systems being one of many playing up, we have a problem in the deployment of the antigen. It had to be released in a sequence of 6 torpedos refitted with the antigen, fired at the crash it of the weapon.

Options where discussed, even perhaps taking the Menelaus down through the atmosphere. In the end, Beaumont and Foxley took a shuttle to the surface to try minimise any radar readings from the military organisations on the planet, who where already on high alert and looking to the heavens, detecting them.

Despite a few touch and go moments, the shuttle mission was a success and they returned to the ship. The Torpedo's where detonated remotely and all going to plan, it should, for the most part, look like the situation resolved itself.

None the less, a file has been sent that this could have dangerous replications on any future attempts at first contact. If the people of this planet determine that the weapon was indeed an attack from outer space, they may become xenophobic."



  • Command
    • Ezra Sweet
    • Tedra de Arr
  • Operations
    • Fred McCellan
    • keranku Xorbun
  • Engineering
    • Data Giant
  • Security
    • Reina Beaumont
    • Jonas Odgen
  • Science
    • Sarheni Kanto
    • Jim Foxley
  • Guest
    • Thallanor Rasmuson - SS Athena
    • Valkorus Valkoinen - UFS Intel

Status Report

  • Ships Status: Operating Normal
  • Current location: System Charting
  • Speed: Warp 5
  • Mission: A Change of Plans
  • Other: None