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USS Sheppard
Back to Base
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Sheppard Mission Listing
*Production number: SHEPRP216
*Initiated: 180718
*Ended: Completed
*Year: 2416
*Forum Thread: Back to Base
*Previous Mission: [[]]
*Next Mission: [[]]
*SIM Concept: Rich Lombardia
*Historian: Rich Lombardia

Mission chat log: Back to Base Chat log


Crew of the Sheppard,

I am pleased to announce we are nearly home. We are within a days trip back to the SS Peedy Thor. I will be leaving the ship on one of the shuttles to secure the parts we need for our Quantum Slipstream drive. In my absence, LT. Firefrick will be in command of the Sheppard. I will rendezvous with you all back on the Thor in a few days time. There is no shortage of work to be had. We lost over a month while trapped in that wormhole thanks to varying chroniton waves.

Once we dock, we have over 40 survivors from the USS Apache to relocate. Many have embraced this new era and are striving to come to speed with current technology, location and political situations. A few others are still devastated. We will need to get the Sheppard refit completed and hopefully launch with a full crew. I'm sure with all the work you have to do you will barely notice my absence. I look forward ot seeing you all at home.

In Service, Cmdr. Rich Lombardia

Crew participation

USS Sheppard Crew

  • Rich Lombardia
  • Emerald Lombardia
  • Talena Constantine
  • Colin Nemeth
  • Martian McDunner


  • Lt. Hal Jordan
  • Cadet Kolby


Captain’s Log, I wasn’t even supposed to be here. I decided to meet a freighter carrying replacement parts of our QSD a sector away. Now, I was going to be late because somehow the hangar bay doors became fused shut and it wasn’t on the priority list of repairs. Reports from Medical indicate some of the Apache crew are struggling with their situation. I can’t say I blame them, being transported around 160 years into the future, facing an alien threat that can mimic their appearance and having two of the most senior officers divide the crew into factions and proceed to fight one another is enough to shake anyone. I asked Dr. Lombardia and Cadet Kolby to do a welfare check on some of the higher stressed Apache crew as we approached Peedy Thor. As we approached the Peedy Thor, security received a report of an altercation between an Apache crewman and a member of the Sheppard crew. While investigating, Dr. Lombardia reported the quarters of Apache crew, Lt. Kearney was discovered trashed. There was a concern Lt. Kearney was unhinged. The description of the Apache member involved matched that of Lt. Kearney. A ship wide B.O.L.O. was issued. During the search a crewmember was found dead in the gym, apparent cause of death was severe head trauma caused by a hand weight. A security alert was issued, and Lt. Kearney was found holding a transporter chief hostage. She was attempting to leave the Sheppard but due to the security alert the transporter was locked down. Lt. Kearney had a hand phaser and fired at anyone getting close. Fortunately, Dr. Lombardia was able to calm her enough to close the distance and eventually use a hypo spray to render her unconscious. During this situation we successfully docked with the SS Peedy Thor.


  • Cadet Kolby

Monitored the medical console on the bridge for the first 30 minutes of shift, then ordered to attend with Dr Lombardia at Crew Quarters.

We went to the room assigned to Lt Kerney and it was a total mess. Didn't see her anywhere.

Doc said the woman had been affected by the psychotic drugs in the water, she is extremely paranoid and quite hostile at times

I suggested maybe getting a hypospray with a tranquilizer ready might be good.

We looked around the crew quarters and couldn't find her. The Doc got a hypo from her med kit. I got ready for some karate to take down the perp.

We got a call to go to the gym where there was a body and an Ensign, I followed them to the transporter room where I heard shouting and phaser fire. Unarmed, I stayed back and let the pros deal with the crazy lady.

We're back at Peedy Thor and guess it's back to classes.

  • Ensign Constantine

Ensign Talena Constantine Intelligence, USS Sheppard Stardate 180719

Officially, my orders for this cycle were to secure my position and make ready for docking procedures. Fortunately, neither my office as the ranking Intelligence Officer for the Sheppard, nor that of manning the Science Station, required much in the way of protocols, beyond a quick scan of our vicinity as a safety precaution, looking for errant debris that sometimes can be found around the station...or any station. Nothing to report, and things were smooth as glass in that regard.

In that regard...

With the absence of the XO, Fema Firefrick (I assume she was engaged in assisting the debarking procedures for the survivors of the Apache), I was also acting as XO on the bridge until Captain Lombardia was able to resume command. His presence was something I was, immediately, all to intimately aware of...more to follow on this.

On a medical note, I must report what feels like a fluctuation in my Pheromone Dampening Device. I believe the flaw I am noticing has to do with the Empathic it is my thoughts that seem most affected. My arousal levels seem to be peaking, and I am even more sensitive to hormonal fluctuations of those around me -- particularly, of course, the male members of the crew. I am making this entry in my duty report, in compliance with my Oath of Celibacy, and shall request a subsequent physical with Doctor Lombardia.

On to the real issues.

Docking procedures and the debarking of the survivors of the USS Apache went flawlessly, as far as I am aware of.

With one exception. Lt. Kearney escaped confinement and went on a rampage, wounding one crew member in the Mess Hall and killing another in the Gym. I was the one who found the casualty in the gym, and, when Lt. Kearney's whereabouts was determined, in the Transporter Room right around the corner from my location in the gym, I was the first officer on the scene. Lt. Kearney had the Transporter Operator held as hostage, with drawn phaser set to kill. Doctor Lombardia and Commander Nemeth arrived shortly afterwards, and I took point, keeping Lt. Kearney's attention focused upon me until Doctor Lombardia was able to get close enough to administer a hypo-spray sedative. Commander Nemeth then had his security team take her into custody, with no further casualties, including the rescue of the Transporter Officer.

On a final note, I wish to report that circumstances dictated that I was required to assume partial control of the security teams during the crisis with Lt. Kearney, due to a lack of leadership that resulted in insufficient directives for the security teams searching for the fugative. I leabe it to my commanding officers to determine what, if any, course or courses of action need to be meted out as a result of this.

I'm just glad that I was able to serve my ship and my fellow crew members, and that casualties were kept to just the two which occurred before we were aware of Lt. Kearney's meltdown.

  • Ensign McDunner

OH Boy returning to Thor for repairs be glad to get them done finally. What a trip first finding a lost Starfleet Crew then having one go crazy on us while were trying to get ready for landing on Peedy Thor. Be good to get some rest