Back to the Future, Part 2

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HamelinDwi confrontation.png
Back to the Future, Part Deux
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Sheppard Missions
*Production number: SHEP-RP099
*Initiated: 120129
*Ended: 120129
*Year: 2387
*Forum Thread: Back to the Future, Part Deux
*Previous Mission: Back to the Future, Part 1
*Next Mission: Next >>
*SIM Concept: Mulgrave Dwi
*Historian: April Coswell

Wracked with regret at killing three of her friends and seeing Sheppard's destruction, Jess Hamelin tries to turn back the clock and fix things.


Location: 20,000 years in the future

Captains log, Stardate 120121

The away team is reunited with the sheppard, but the Chenae AI T66 got away - well, more to the point, the Seekers of the light. I am not pleased with the implications of its departure; the creation of that supernova will have lasting consequences for this entire sector. What's more, the AI intends to do it again, but closer to our own time stream. I have tasked Science with finding out when they have gone; we have scan results from several time jumps and should be able to extrapolate when and perhaps even where these time anomalies exit.

Engineering is also working on the deflector and modifications made to the Sheppard by the Seekers. I want to be able to use it to our advantage, I'llnot allow us to carry on being pushed pillar to post by these beings anymore. It's time for us to take action, especially in light of the fact that in my absence the Sheppard crew have managed to purge the ship of the ascended Seekers that have been looking over our shoulder.

--the captain hears a noise behind her and spins around to find Commander Hamelin standing in the middle of her ready room before she disapears again--


Holding position in a star system not too distant from the newly-created supernova, the Sheppard and her crew prepare for their own homegrown time jump. On the bridge, Lt. Commander April Coswell and the bridge crew work on collecting data on a primitive humanoid species located on one of the planets. In the Captain's ready room, Mulgrave Dwi is working when suddenly, a haggard-looking Jess Hamelin appears out of thin air with a warning: "Don't let April go to the deflector!", then disappears again.

After the Captain reports an intruder alert and Commander Coswell brings the ship to yellow alert, Commander Hamelin strides out onto the bridge and asks for a report. Confronted by the Captain about her appearing into and disappearing from her ready room, a disbelieving XO agrees to go to sickbay for an exam. Meanwhile, the ship's systems begin experiencing strange glitches - including a sudden and unexplained 50 kilometer "jump" back in space. Scans reveal some traces of chronitons across the ship, with concentrations on the lower level of deflector control and the upper level of Engineering. As the Captain orders security details to those areas, Commander Hamelin vanishes from sickbay... and reappears in deflector control, frantically searching for some modifications she believes Commander Coswell made to the deflector. Confronted by the Captain and security, the XO reveals some of what she saw happen in another timeline - namely, the Captain's death and the ship's destruction. Before the Captain can obtain more details, the XO vanishes...

... and reappears on the bridge, where she begs a stunned April Coswell to shoot her in order to save the ship. She further reveals that Lt. Commander Zapatero's plans to burn the engines at maximum warp and slingshot the Sheppard through the local star are what gets the ship destroyed. Upon cross-checking this information with the data Commander Zapatero just transferred to the helm, the Captain, Commander Coswell and the crew realize that their XO is somehow moving through time. As Commander Hamelin again vanishes, Ops begins a search for a means to neutralize the chronitons causing this. Reading through the USS Shogun's logs, Ensign Oaksi finds a recipe involving the release of anti-chronitons and sets out to put it in motion with Lieutenant Lombardia's help. Meanwhile, the XO is apprehended by Security in Engineering and brought to sickbay.

With Commander Hamelin's time-jumping finally under control, Captain Dwi can focus her attention on a Chenae patrol vessel spotted by helm, on an intercept course with the Sheppard. When it arrives within broadcast range, the patrol ship demands that the Sheppard surrender and prepare to be boarded and judged for acts of terrorism. The captain finally agrees to turn herself in, but on the condition that the rest of her crew retain a limited freedom of movement in order to cooperate with the Chenae in investigating these "acts of terrorism". Once the Captain is transported away into Chenae custody, Commander Coswell demands that the Chenae ship transmit the exact transcript of the charges against the Sheppard, so that the crew can mount a defence.