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General Data
*SIM Type: USS Menelaus Missions
*Initiated: 110825
*Ended: Ongoing campaign
*Year: 2386
*Aliens: None
*Forum Thread: Bargaining]
*Previous Mission: <<Messenger
*Next Mission: >>Negotiations
*SIM Concept: Tedra Llewellyn

Mission Briefing

starting ships logs 111008.0745

Today is the day... I am not looking forward to bargain with them but there is no other choise. I have the clear from command to go ahead with playing diplomat but to use every caution there is.

Mission Log

shipslog SD 111008.2341

first officer:

And here we are, still alive which by itself is an accomplishment. We went ahead with the plan and entered fluid space again. Let them come 5 ships a larger battlecruiser and 4 bioships. Outnumbered, outgunned and on their turf we started negotiations. Which ment holding still while they were shooting at us, not reacting.

They did sease fire before we were forced to defend outselfs and then asked why we were there. I tried to reason with them, that the enemy of our enemy is our friend and that we came to help. that did not go too well. I mentioned the project the doctor has been working on and that we would be willing to share in spirit of an alliance if we could get certain more information to the common enemy. This is all the try we have to get Ezra and the rest of the crew back. I was pretty determined i have to say. It did not go well. They started firing at us again but before we had to go they abruptly abandoned us and went off. I had tlhepa follow them and we found Sernaix in battle. The bioships fought hard but both opponents ignoring us which gave us the opportunity to try the weapon the doc had been developing. We went to the closest ship but before we could do something it was destroyed. So we went for the second one and planted a torpedo casing very close to the ship and with its detonation nothing happened at first, but then the fluctuating light on the hull dimmed and went off and all of a sudden a flash and it exploded.

The Undine I am sure were a bit puzzled and I would have loved to see their faces and read their minds. So far they have not yet tried to invade our minds at all not even emphatic me. The commander now had our ship back on his focus but before he could destroy us another fleet arrived.

Somebody called high commander. After a short and not too truthful of a briefing, we got a chance to speak our piece. Again it did not go too well although better than before. We asked them to check the site of the destroyed ship for residue and they did. They did allow us to leave the realm and told us they would contact us after examining the place. We gave them the coordinates of the nebula close to the destroyed dome, where we will wait until we get an answer. I will need to transfer with HQ for a time frame. I so hope we will get what we came for as we will need it to rescue the crew. I hope she still hangs in there ...


  • Status: Red Alert, muted
  • Security:
  • Photon Torpedos: ready
  • Phaserbanks: ready
  • Shields: 68% holding
  • Tectical Sensors: Incoming distance 2357 km ahead
  • Deckstatus: Evacuated deck 13-15, power offline

  • Operations:
    • Power distribution: Forward Shields 125%
    • Aft Shields 100%
    • Hull Integrety 150%
    • Live Support 100%
    • Secondary Live Support 75% (off on deck 13 through 15), evacuated
    • Sickbay 105%
    • Replicator Food 50%
    • Replicator Engineering 67%
    • All non essential Systems shut down to gain power output

  • Communications:
    • All systems on go
    • analytical scans operational
    • no incoming signal
    • no outgoing signal

  • Engineering
    • Warpcore Alpha 110%
    • Warpcore Beta powered down
    • Warpcore Gamma powered down
    • MVAM Offline
    • Upper Starboard Nacelle 100%
    • Lower Starboard Nacelle 98%
    • Upper backboard Nacelle 100%
    • Lower backboard Nacelle 100%
    • Buzzard collectors ""warning need flush out before attempting warp ""
    • Poweroutput steady
    • EPS grid functional minor fluctuations in Grid 23-A to 24 F
    • Hull Integrety 99.875% Stress increasing
    • Hull Damage on deck 14 section 32-B, minor damage

report halted

Ship Status

Status: red


  • Command
    • Tedra de Arr
    • Jim Foxley

  • Operations
    • Emilie Chardin

  • Engineering*
    • Data Giant
    • Damien Korolev

  • Security
    • tlhepa Gurbux
    • Reina Beaumont

  • Medical
    • William Greymoon
  • guest:
    • Etienne Navar (NPC played by A.B)