Big Bang Theory

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Big Bang Theory
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Veracruz Missions
*Production number: VERA-RP005
*Initiated: 111026
*Ended: 111026
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: Big Bang Theory
*Previous Mission: The Plan Unfolds
*Next Mission: Calm Before the Storm
*SIM Concept: Kinney Randt
*Historian: Aryela Dagger


Captain's Log:

Stardate: 111019

Location: On the border of Voxxian Space

Alert Status: Yellow

We've backed away from the border some and have set up our own self created duck blind in a nebula. With luck, we can stay here hidden enough while still leading the Proto here so that we can access her systems and shut down the weapons before we get blown out of the sky.

To add to the complications, Lady Byrna informs me a small fleet of Alliance vessels are en route. I'm hoping they understand the Proto has been comendeered, and isnt under UFS orders, but at the same time, I cant really allow them to capture it and analyze some of the more sensitive areas.

It'll be a sensitive tightrope, but with luck, all this will be resolved soon.

In service, Captain Kinney Randt-Rhode



Crew Manifest