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First we need to understand what exactly the difference is between a BILLET and a POSITION.

A BILLET is a job in an organization for example...the billet of Branch Commander

A POSITION refers to the actual job one has for example...the position of Branch Commander of UF Starfleet Security

So while the training for the billet of Branch Commander is the same, the position will warrant additional courses. For example, the position of Branch Commander UF Starfleet Science willneed different courses then the position of Branch Commander UF Starfleet Security

Billet Training is an essential factor when training personnel in order to achieve the best results for the good of UFS and the Federation ultimately.

UF Starfleet Command is divided into logical units call a Branch. Each branch, (Academy, Command, Engineering, Intelligence, Marines, Medical, Operations, Science, Securityare organized into Divisions and each division is staffed by officers and other crew.

The organization within the Branches and Divisions provide UFS an immense variety of possibilities of tasks and positions to be performed.

In order to best perform the task assigned, every officer or crewmen will need the skills and knowledge tailored to the position which they occupy.

For every Branch and every position, requirements will be needed in order to apply or to be accepted in such positions.

Below you will find listing by Branch, the Academic Requirements of each position.

UFS Academy

UFSA Logo.png


Senior Staff:

Cadet Support:

College Staff:

Classroom Staff:

UFS Command

UFS Command copia.png

General Staff

Senior Staff

Support Staff



UFS Corps of Engineers



Engineering Staff:


UFS Intelligence Directorate


Directorate Headquarters

Intelligence Analysis and Internal Affairs Directorate

Expeditionary Intelligence Directorate

UFS Medical


UF Starfleet Medical Headquarters - SS Nimbus

UFS Medical - Ships or Stations

UFS Operations


Branch Headquarters:


UFS Science

UFS Science Logo.png



Enlisted Positions:



Tactical Positions:

UFS Marine Corps