Binary Coagulation

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180116 mission 010.png
It's . . . it's alive. I can detect a consciousness, emotions. It's trapped . . . lonely.
Binary Coagulation
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Taylorholic Durant Missions
*Production number: TDRPMT004
*Initiated: 180116
*Ended: 180116
*Year: 2416
*Aliens: Itoians
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: Classified Retrieval
*Next Mission: Blarney & Fibber
*SIM Concept: Poison Toocool
*Historian: Poison Toocool

TOP SECRET. MARTIS TEAM LOG. FOR YOUR EYES ONLY: A special team seconded to the USS Taylorholic Durant is assigned to carry out top secret maneuvers as needed. Highly experienced personnel are charged with reconnaissance and intelligence gathering with regard to possible surveillance of Starfleet facilities; and/or the installation of remote communications in potentially hostile infrastructures; and/or position early warning transmitters to notify the Fleet in the event that advanced technology or weapons are used by a unfriendly faction; and/or gather data on unknown civilizations to determine their technological status & potential attitude towards the Federation.


Situation 180115: We have detected an intrusion into the Federation computer relay system which allows our ships and stations access to our LCARS from around the quadrant. The hacker attempted to bypass security systems and access top secret materials. The time between entry and blocking was only a few seconds but crucial communiques regarding Fleet strength and deployment may have been accessed.

Task: We have determined the source of the signal, coming from a habitable moon called 'Ito', orbiting a single planet, 'As', in the Dactes Sector. Drones have determined there is a large computer core present in the main complex of 'Bult'. Our own scientists have devised a set of algorithms that will alter data within that core. A team must be inserted, locate the heart of the computer, and then embed the program that will wipe the memory of recent events and return it to the last restore point. Then leave, preferably undetected.

Execution: Deploy from shuttle in high atmosphere over equator at 180116.173. Transport to coordinates 50.4032° N, 113.2612° W. Clothing shall be suitable for a high tech robot world... technology should be hidden and shielded to avoid detection. Jet packs provided.

Crew participation

Team Command: Marley Knott (Cmdr, Intel OPs ((Poison Toocool))

Team Second: Zania Turner (Comm), OPs/Comms Expert

Team Third: Dominik Landy (Ens), Intelligence ((GreenLantern Excelsior))

Team Fourth: Ginrai Yamabushi (Ens), Engineering Advisor


Reporting: Cmdr Marley Knott:

We transported 180116.113 as ordered. We were immediately aware of surveillance droids and other technology monitoring our presence, but our disguises worked and we were able to move about fairly freely, although it was clear our presence caused some concern. Through a series of jumps to different platforms we maneuvered into a position where we could see our objective and work out a way to reach it. When we finally managed to make it to the core - which was beautifully designed to be the heart of the city, we spent some minutes ascertaining whether we could remove our data or not. At this point sentry droids were becoming anxious and it was evident we could not say much longer. Turner advised she could sense a being in the computer core... and that it was trapped there against its will. Although our policy is non-interference, we did not feel we could leave the sentient being behind in the core. It seemed to know about our data, and was willing to provide it in exchange for its freedom. Turner worked out a way to contain it in a tricorder. We made the transfer and quickly moved away from the core so that we could beam back to the shuttle.


Intelligence Log, Supplemental:

Upon return to the shuttle we examined the data and found it had been returned to us in its entirety. We then advised Commodore Toocool (Commanding officer of the USS Taylorholic Durant) that we had rescued an alien from Ito. We were instructed to return to Pinastri and ensure the being was in good health before releasing it from custody. -- Knott out.