Blarney & Fibber

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No one was interested in chatting with us about anything.
Blarney & Fibber
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Taylorholic Durant Missions
*Production number: TDRPMT005
*Initiated: 180130
*Ended: 180130
*Year: 2416
*Aliens: Fibbers
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: Binary Coagulation
*Next Mission: Crustula
*SIM Concept: Poison Toocool
*Historian: Poison Toocool

TOP SECRET. MARTIS TEAM LOG. FOR YOUR EYES ONLY: A special team seconded to the USS Taylorholic Durant is assigned to carry out top secret maneuvers as needed. Highly experienced personnel are charged with reconnaissance and intelligence gathering with regard to possible surveillance of Starfleet facilities; and/or the installation of remote communications in potentially hostile infrastructures; and/or position early warning transmitters to notify the Fleet in the event that advanced technology or weapons are used by a unfriendly faction; and/or gather data on unknown civilizations to determine their technological status & potential attitude towards the Federation.


Situation 180115: A new class M planet has been discovered via astrometrical charting and the use of specialized probes. It was not detected before because of its proximity to a black hole, NGC 9723. It has been determined that life forms exist on the planet, and are likely pre-warp.

Task: Visit the main population centre and ascertain the attitudes, conduct, and level of technology apparent. Engage locals in benign conversation, avoid overt questioning. Determine whether First Contact should be made by a diplomatic team.

Execution: Deploy from shuttle in high atmosphere over south pole at 180116.173. Transport to coordinates 53.3498° N, 6.2603° W. Clothing shall be suitable for a circa 21 century Earth world... technology should be hidden and shielded to avoid detection.

Crew participation

Team Command: Marley Knott (Cmdr, Intel OPs ((Poison Toocool))

Team Second: Zania Turner (Comm), OPs/Comms Expert

Team Third: Dominik Landy (LTjg), Intelligence ((GreenLantern Excelsior))


Reporting: LTjg Landy:

Our team of three was sent to an unnamed planet near black hole NGC9723. The stated goal was to "Visit the main population centre and ascertain the attitudes, conduct, and level of technology apparent. Determine whether First Contact should be made by a diplomatic team."

We entered what appeared to be a standard saloon/tavern/bar, although it could be judged to be somewhat upscale compared to other locations we have visited. Part of the floor was composed of an intricate mosaic of geometrically-arranged stones. The inside of the building was decorated with polished and shaped wood, including the bar, the walls and ceiling, and the balcony and support columns. At one end of the building was a low platform that appeared to be a stage for performers, surrounded by a small dance area. Commodore Turner and I engaged in dancing while observing the surroundings and looking for technology. The stage was flanked by two audio speakers, inexplicably aimed inward toward the performer rather than outward toward the crowd. At one side of the stage was a video displaying a calendar of upcoming events. Two or three other video displays in various locations depicted advertisements and photos of performers. I was unable to determine the source of the indirect lighting.

A few life forms were in the establishment when we arrived. They were humanoid, but did not appear to be very sociable. We tried to blend in with the group by consuming several of their beverages, and we tried to engage them in conversation but did not get much response. Commander Knott did strike up a conversation with one of the locals when he asked about the manufacturer of the chair he was sitting in. I used several awkward terms when talking about familiar objects in the room, hoping one of the life forms would ask whether I was not a local resident. This would allow me to ask questions as though I were a newcomer, and maybe gain some information about their technology. But no one took the hint. Several newcomers entered the establishment, apparently in preparation for a live music event, but no one was interested in chatting with us about anything, so we departed.

It is difficult to judge a civilization's level of technology by visiting one of their taverns. This establishment had the look of a historical recreation, and I suspect that their display of technology was kept to a minimum to maintain a certain mood. Other taverns sometimes contain video screens displaying sporting events or other forms of entertainment, and that would have enabled us to gather important information. But in this case I do not believe we were able to gain enough knowledge to determine whether the civilization is pre-warp or not. So I would not recommend sending a diplomatic team to make First Contact. I would, however, like to have some of their local beverages available in the ship's replicators.


Intelligence Log, Supplemental:

Upon return to the shuttle we sent our recommendation that this planet should be avoided until they demonstrate warp capacity, and advised warning buoys and distant surveillance be deployed in this respect. -- Knott out.