Blue Box

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Mission Objectives

The Unknown robots became a name : The Servantor -- and their constructors called : "Blue Master Builder" The last sensor readings of the Pathfinder Station showed some unusual anomalies arround the moon Gene and that sector where the Servantor Robotship appeared in the Pinastri System. We detected verteron particles , which are ususally present in wormholes. An Away Team explored and examined the wormhole phenomenons and discovered a hidden Servantor maintenance base deep under the surface of the Moon Gene and found some bio examples. Hints on the mysterious constructors of the Servantor robot civilization - The Blue Master Builder?

Next Mission Objectives:

- Evaluation of the collected data of the astronomic anomalies nearby the Moon Gene - Examination of the recovered bio samples of the Servantor maintenance base - Continue the evaluation and decryption of the Servantor comm datas - Find out more about the Servantor robot civilization and technology - Find out more about the "Blue Master Builder

Mission reports & results

Command Mission Log :

The mission today was to extend the communication with the Servantor nanites and Robots. After enabling a datalink and a commlink to the old rajan comm station at the Moon Gene we got contact. The Servantor robots are a helpful technological civilization , but they have many problems with malfunctions. So they themselves have need some help with their search for their constructors , the mysterious race called the Blue Master Builder. Like a week before the Servantor invited to use their transportation system of artificial wormholes. The "sent" us a wormhole directly into the Pathfinder Station. Masses of Verteron particles flooded the station and for a moment we had a lot of atmospheric and environmental turbulences. Then it was stable and we could use. We brushed aside every concerns to use the wormhole and a smal away team accepted the invitation. After a short transport we found ourselves in a strange blue environment - a kind of a habitate. Everywhere blue light, gas , power lines and energy grids. The atmospheric environment was perfect for us and we were able to breath and start with examinations and tricorder scans. The fascinating place impressed us very much. Shortly after our arriving a Servantor Drone contacted us and tried to communicate and give us informations. The Servantor offered us to work together to find their constructors and the ominous "Master Code Alpha-1". This code only can help against their malfunctions. We also found out that in this "Blue Box" was many bio-matter. A large energy globe hovered in the middle of the area and inside there was a large image of a DNA-seqeunce. Inside the Servantor Drone which talked to us named : B-345-10200 , there was a ppe system with liquid bio-matter. The whole area was very surreal and we collected many tricorder datas. After a while the Servantor Drone ended the communication with us and we decided to return through the wormhole back to Pathfinder. The Servantor call this their "Starhole Transportation System" After our return we had to stay on sickbay for a while to clean us from masses of chroniton particles. The next few days the Medical officers have to analyze and evaluate this data, especially the collected genetic material. Theres is also much work for the engineers and scientists to analyze the technological findings.

Conclusion and preliminary results :

It was a strange awareness, that we dont really know WHERE we were or WHEN. There was no hint or note where this Blue Box is or in what timeline. The Chroniton particles were a highly visible sign, that we travelled to a place which is not in our time. Future ? Past? A parallel universe? We really dont know , yet!