Blue Master Builder

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Mission Objectives

  • Examine and observe the astronomic anomalies nearby the Moon Gene
  • Continue the evaluation and decryption of the Servantor comm datas
  • Find out more about the Servantor robot civilization and technology
  • Find out more about the "Blue Master Builder

Mission reports & results

Again the Moon Gene arround Pinastri VIII was the target of our research and survey. Collection of information was our goal. Are the Servantor robots really hostile ? Where are they come from and Who are thier cnstructors - the Blue Master Builders? The research team entered the shuttle Callisto and we reached after a short flight the Moon Gene and the old rajan comm station , which is still "occupied" by Servantor nanites. We landed in a safe distance to the comm station and Cmdr. Broek extended the shields and flooded them with a breathable atmosphere. So we could leave the shuttle and start researches and scans. Very quickly we found verteron particles , which are hints of artificial wormholes. A few minutes later we detected a little wormhole. It was stable and closeby our shuttle. I had the impression, that we randomly hit a secret button and switch to open a portal to another part of the Servantor kind of travel. Or did we got an invitation ? Lt. Firehawk , who wore a space-suit decided to enter the wormhole and check what is at the other end. No one of the team felt the danger or the risk to go trough the wormhole - no one could withstand the allure to see what secrets we could discover. A few moments later Lt.Firehawk returned savely and reported about a breathable atmosphere and a technical complex. The whole team followed and we found ourselves in a dark and wet complex 400 meters under the surface of the Moon Gene. Blue light shined trough a glas gate which could opened quickly. The away entered a large hall with machine complexes, blue cryo tanks and a central computer terminal. We started to scan the complexand the machines , tried to decrypt the computer interface and found out what is the purpose of the subterrestial complex. There were no active Servantor Drones to see, so we still felt save and could continue, undisturbed , our researches and examinations. After more than an hour we detected some fluctuations in the wormhole connection and returned to the shuttle on the Moon and flight back to Pinastri and Pathfinder to save and restore the collected datas.

Conclusion and preliminary results :

With no doubt we found a subterrestrial Servantor machine complex. We are not sure for what purpose are the blue tanks which were filled with a blue oily liquid, but after the first decryptions of the computer systems we couldnt reach an other conlusion, that this subterrestrial complexe is a maintenance complexe for the Servantor Robots. The Servantor are a cybernetic civilization, but we also detected biological signs in the complexe. We saved the genetic material to find a hint on the Blue Master Builder. Again we collected datas which will give us an insight in the technological structure of this robot civilization.