Born to Serve Part III

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Born to Serve Part III
General Data
*Production number: 022
*Initiated: 080402
*Ended: 080403
*Year: 2383
*Previous Mission: Born to Serve Part II
*Next Mission: Good Samaritan Part I
*SIM Concept: Chase Quinnell
*Historian: MilesPrower Dagger

The Redeemer is at Starbase 472 with the Romulan/Federation task force. All crew are in the briefing room discussing the task force's mission.


The casualty reports come in by the thousands... each name denotes a person who's death has made an impact on countless people. At least 53 Federation ships were lost and over 6000 officers dead.

The crew are discussing the recent turn of events in the briefing room. The RFR have gone into hiding. They are most likely trying to regroup and re-organize. The Romulans have sent a small force of their fleet from the Alpha Quadrant to assist us in bringing the RFR to justice.

A Romulan/Federation task force is waiting at Starbase 472. The task force's mission is to investigate the Dyson Sphere found at the asteroid field. A fleet of 10 Federation starships and 3 Romulan warbirds will take part in this mission. The rest of the ships will remain at the starbase. The USS Sovereign has been ordered to lead this task force.


Mission Logs

[16:21] Lt. Jg Chase Quinnell: Alright, as you all know...
[16:21] Lt. Jg Chase Quinnell: We just engaged the RFR(Romulans for Romulans) fleet.
[16:21] Lt. Jg Chase Quinnell: We lost over 53 ships... *looks a bit distant*
[16:21] Ens. Ebak Naglo: Sir..
[16:21] Ens. Dell Draken lowers his head quietly.
[16:21] Cadet Zem McCallen conceals a grimace.
[16:22] Lt. Jg Chase Quinnell: Yes, Ebak?
[16:22] Ens. Ebak Naglo: We aren't going to let them go free are we?
[16:22] Cadet Racquel Darwin clenches her fist
[16:22] Lt. Jg Chase Quinnell: No we're not Ebak. We will make sure these insurgents don't harm another Federation citizen.
[16:22] Lt. Jg Chase Quinnell: With the help of the Romulan Senate, we're going to be conducting an investigation
[16:23] Chase Quinnell: They've sent 3 of their Romulan warbirds to assist us on this venture.
[16:23] Ebak Naglo nods "I've been working with engineering...we've manage to salvage one of the holo-cloaks....have you managed to get it working engineering?
[16:23] Chase Quinnell: Admiral Necheyev will be leading us and 9 other Federation vessels, along with the 3 warbirds, on an investigation.
[16:24] Ebak Naglo grimaces
[16:25] Racquel Darwin: Sir, I have an idea...
[16:25] Ebak Naglo looks at Zem for an answer on the holo-cloak
[16:26] Dell Draken ahems. 'i thought cloaks were outlawed on federation ships.
[16:26] Chase Quinnell: Not anymore
[16:26] Zem McCallen: " While we have some indication as to how it functions......"
[16:26] Dell Draken nods.
[16:26] Chase Quinnell: With our alliance to the Romulans, the Treaty of Algeron has been rendered void.
[16:26] Ebak Naglo nods "unfortunate..."
[16:26] Dell Draken: aye sir.
[16:26] Zem McCallen: "The ability to use it ourselves is still...."
[16:26] Racquel Darwin: Do the Romulan warbirds have that technology, sir?
[16:26] Chase Quinnell: Aye, the warbirds provided for us do have cloak.
[16:26] Zem McCallen: "In progress."
[16:27] Racquel Darwin: And holo cloak?
[16:27] Chase Quinnell: Holo-cloak they do not
[16:27] Zem McCallen: Sir, perhaps with a bit of collaboration with the Romulans....
[16:27] Racquel Darwin: Darn
[16:27] Chase Quinnell: Only the RFR have the enhanced power cores that can sustain two types of cloak
[16:27] Ebak Naglo nods "I fear they are only used with the RFR
[16:27] Racquel Darwin: If we can just get that one system working.
[16:28] Ebak Naglo: What if we were to take the power from weapons and shields?
[16:28] Chase Quinnell: What would we do with the power?
[16:28] Zem McCallen: The issue is not one of power input as much as.....
[16:28] Ebak Naglo: Power the should be just enough
[16:28] Racquel Darwin: Would a smaller vessel require less power for this?
[16:28] Zem McCallen: Finding the proper refractive frequencies.
[16:29] Chase Quinnell: Well, I doubt we would need it but unfortunately, the smaller ships would be unable to harness enough power
[16:29] Racquel Darwin: Sir, if we can just get enough power to holo coak a runabout...
[16:29] Ebak Naglo: Thats the cloak side...a holo-cloak projects a holo-graphic image over the ship
[16:29] Ebak Naglo: making it seem like another object
[16:29] Chase Quinnell: Sovereign and Redeemer class vessels would be the only ones that could even come close to doing it.
[16:29] Racquel Darwin: A small asteroid, for example
[16:29] Dell Draken: well..i think the first question would be, can we generate enough power to use, if we can get it functioning?
[16:29] Ebak Naglo: if we can use it...we could sneak right up to that dyson sphere
[16:29] Zem McCallen: Correct
[16:29] Ebak Naglo: Maybe even get inside..
[16:30] Chase Quinnell: Then we'd need to have smaller vessels hang back, because they do not have the capability to use a holo-cloak generator.
[16:30] Zem McCallen: I assure you it is top priority at the moment.
[16:30] Racquel Darwin: And once inside, create a counter insurrection.
[16:30] Dell Draken: the romulans know anything about that dyson's sphere?
[16:30] Chase Quinnell: Aye, they have been sent a report of everything we know.
[16:31] Dell Draken: i mean......from their end.
[16:30] Chase Quinnell: I think our plan is simple
[16:31] Chase Quinnell: We send in Sovereign and Redeemer class vessels with holo-cloak generators
[16:31] Cadet Cap Revnik: how much power does the holo-cloak need?
[16:31] Dell Draken nods and listens.
[16:31] Ebak Naglo: Alot....more than a standard cloak...
[16:31] Chase Quinnell: warbirds will simply change their transponders to match an RFR ship
[16:31] Chase Quinnell: As far as I know
[16:31] Racquel Darwin: We can shut down all non-essential operations
[16:32] Racquel Darwin: see how much that gives us
[16:32] Chase Quinnell: The Redeemer, the Luranza, and the Sovereign are the only ships we can equip with a holo-generator.
[16:32] Ebak Naglo nods "Should be enough"
[16:32] Racquel Darwin: Sir, if I might recommend...
[16:32] Chase Quinnell: Go ahead cadet.
[16:33] Racquel Darwin: disembark all civilian crew.
[16:33] Zem McCallen: Indeed. One need consider the drain on ship resources just to power the recreational holo decks. And the reason they cannot be used in alert conditions...
[16:33] Racquel Darwin: Divert all non-essential power...
[16:33] Racquel Darwin: Create this holo cloak
[16:33] Racquel Darwin: get as many ships inside.
[16:33] Racquel Darwin: everyone with Romulan features...
[16:33] Racquel Darwin: Counter insurrection.
[16:33] Chase Quinnell: Agreed. All civilians will be transported to the starbase. The rest of the Fleet should protect the starbase adequately.
[16:34] Ebak Naglo: true....we could project a field large enough to cover the redeemer plus a small a Steamrunner
[16:34] Racquel Darwin: Shut this down with as little damage to the dyson sphere as possible. [16:34] Cap Revnik: wouldn't we need more power for a larger field?
[16:35] Chase Quinnell: Ok, well, I think at best we'd be only able to cover up to 3 small ships with the combined efforts of the 3 holo-capable ships
[16:35] Ebak Naglo nods
[16:35] Chase Quinnell: I'll inform Admiral Necheyev of our plan and we can begin immediately.
[16:35] Racquel Darwin: What would be the crew capacity?
[16:35] Chase Quinnell: Are we done here?
[16:35] Ebak Naglo: aye
[16:35] Racquel Darwin: Errm...
[16:35] Dell Draken: aye sir.
[16:35] Dell Draken: errm?
[16:35] Racquel Darwin: What are we doing??
[16:36] Dell Draken: preparing the ship for battle cadet.
[16:36] Racquel Darwin: Aye.
[16:36] Racquel Darwin: Then what?
[16:36] Dell Draken: then we go into battle.
[16:36] Chase Quinnell: We're going to the Dyson Sphere. Hopefully we can find answers there and put this insurgency to an end.
[16:36] Dell Draken grins.
[16:36] Ebak Naglo: Get holo-cloak working..and go to battle
[16:36] Racquel Darwin: We're going to destroy the sphere?
[16:36] Chase Quinnell: Negative
[16:36] Racquel Darwin: Aye aye, sir.
[16:36] Racquel Darwin grins
[16:36] Chase Quinnell: To your stations

[16:37] Ebak Naglo: Tactical ready
[16:37] Dell Draken: next to me cap
[16:37] Racquel Darwin runs a level one diagnostic on helm
[16:37] Dell Draken: you get your stool yet ebak?
[16:38] Ebak Naglo: not yet
[16:38] Dell Draken chuckles as he checks the status on his console
[16:38] Ebak Naglo: I can actually reach
[16:38] Chase Quinnell: Why is my screen off? Turn it on, Ops.
[16:39] Dell Draken: transferring comms to this console.
[16:39] Dell Draken: aye captain..
[16:39] Chase Quinnell sighs.
[16:39] Racquel Darwin: Helm needs to go to the head, sir.
[16:39] Dell Draken: umm, screen is on sir.......
[16:39] Dell Draken: incoming transmission captain.....
[16:39] Dell Draken: the USS Sovereign.
[16:40] Chase Quinnell: Put it thru Ensign
[16:40] Racquel Darwin: Akk!
[16:40] Dell Draken: aye captain..hailing frequencies open.
[16:40] =A= This is Admiral Necheyev of the USS Sovereign to the task force =A=
[16:40] Ebak Naglo grimaces
[16:41] =A= We are moving out. All task force vessels.. I repeat.. move out. Follow on our lead. Necheyev out. =A=
[16:41] Racquel Darwin grins
[16:41] Dell Draken: channel is closed sir.
[16:41] Chase Quinnell: Sheesh not very friendly.
[16:41] Chase Quinnell: Thank goodness I picked an assignment far away from her normal posting.
[16:41] Dell Draken: scans showing the fleet moving out sir.
[16:41] Ebak Naglo: Not changed one bit...
[16:41] Chase Quinnell: Helm, follow the fleet.
[16:41] Racquel Darwin: But efficient, sir.
[16:42] Chase Quinnell: Match course and speed.
[16:42] Chase Quinnell: Engage.
[16:42] Dell Draken: all ships stations reporting ready captain.
[16:42] Racquel Darwin: Aye aye, sir. Following
[16:42] Racquel Darwin: engaged.
[16:43] Dell Draken: engineering...i'm reading a fluctuation in life support.....could you check it please?
[16:43] Racquel Darwin sniffs the air
[16:43]  ::30 minutes pass and the Redeemer drops out of warp at the location of the 'asteroid field.' Only one asteroid remains: the Dyson Sphere::
[16:43] Zem McCallen: Aye
[16:43] Ebak Naglo: I don't like this...its too quiet...
[16:43] =A= All vessels. Hold position. We should be out of scanner range.. =A=
[16:43] Racquel Darwin: Holding position here sir.
[16:44] =A= Redeemer, this is Admiral Necheyev. =A=
[16:44] Chase Quinnell: Yes, we hear you, Admiral.
[16:44] Racquel Darwin nudges thruster to keep steady in the eddies of solar winds.
[16:44] Zem McCallen: Life support fluctuation is an anomaly in diagnostic monitors.
[16:44] Zem McCallen: Adjusting.
[16:44] =A= Work on implementing your holo-theory. I want it finished in one hour. Necheyev out. =A=
[16:45] Chase Quinnell: Yes sir... sheesh.
[16:45] Dell Draken: one hour?!?
[16:45] Dell Draken: darn it.
[16:45] Chase Quinnell: Now I know why you don't like her, Ebak.
[16:45] Chase Quinnell: Not a very charming woman.
[16:45] Ebak Naglo looks at the holo-cloak button on his LCARS display "How is that coming engineering?"
[16:45] Chase Quinnell: You heard the lady. Get that holo generator online.
[16:45] Dell Draken: assigning an extra team captain.
[16:46] Chase Quinnell: Divert power from weapons and shields. Shut down all non-essential systems including holodecks and replicators.
[16:46] Ebak Naglo: You now see why I wish it was Picard instead....why didn't he become a rear admiral when he had the chance
[16:46] Zem McCallen: Aye sir
[16:46] Chase Quinnell: Put us in passive mode.
[16:47] Zem McCallen: Holo-cloak online, standing by......however....
[16:47] Racquel Darwin raises a non committal eyebrow and keep her fingers dancing over the thruster controls.
[16:47] Chase Quinnell: However what?
[16:47] Ebak Naglo: may not doo much for defense..but...we could try an old shielding method without using much power...polarize the hull plating...?
[16:47] Chase Quinnell: Do it, Mr. Naglo
[16:47] Zem McCallen: Computer simulations suggest...available power may not be sufficient
[16:47] Ebak Naglo: uh...why are there still working lights on this bridge? [16:47] Chase Quinnell: Then make it sufficient cadet.
[16:48] Zem McCallen: To maintain uninterrupted projection
[16:48] Racquel Darwin: Maybe we could decrease power to the inertial dampeners a tad?
[16:48] Zem McCallen: Aye sir
[16:48] Chase Quinnell: Well to be quite honest, Ebak, I think we need to keep from tripping over ourselves.
[16:48] Dell Draken: with the civilian off ship sir....we could shut down certain decks. transfer power
[16:48] Ebak Naglo: I don't see anyone moving but you captain
[16:49] Chase Quinnell: And I need to keep from tripping
[16:49] Zem McCallen: Transferring power from decks 6, 7 and 9
[16:49] Chase Quinnell smiles
[16:49] Chase Quinnell: I'm rather antsy
[16:49] Chase Quinnell: Anxious is probably the best word to describe me right now..
[16:50] Dell Draken: perhaps a 'tea', captain.
[16:50] Dell Draken grins.
[16:50] Ebak Naglo: Sir, request permission to leave the bridge. I must tend to ship security.
[16:50] Chase Quinnell: Permission granted. I'll cover tactical for you.
[16:52] Zem McCallen continues to refine power efficiency algorithms.....
[17:11] Zem McCallen: A valid point
[17:11] Racquel Darwin: hehe!
[17:11] Dell Draken: manning ops captain......transferring comms and science.
[17:11] Chase Quinnell: I've got Tactical.
[17:12] Chase Quinnell sighs.
[17:12] Dell Draken: looks like your center seat Racquel
[17:12] Zem McCallen frowns in concentration as he runs through diagnostics yet again on the holo cloak device
[17:12] Racquel Darwin: Got it.
[17:12] Chase Quinnell: Oh no.. I still got center seat.
[17:12] Dell Draken grins
[17:12] Chase Quinnell: How's our holo-cloak coming?
[17:12] Chase Quinnell: Are you able to get it installed?
[17:13] Zem McCallen: System online and standing by sir
[17:13] Zem McCallen: ....
[17:13] Zem McCallen: According to diagnostics.
[17:13] Chase Quinnell: Then activate it
[17:13] Dell Draken: great....just in time for the incoming hail from the Sovereign sir.
[17:13] Chase Quinnell: On main viewer
[17:13] Dell Draken: aye capatin..on main viewer
[17:14] =A= Mr Quinnell.. how's my holo-cloak coming? =A=
[17:14] Zem McCallen grimaces
[17:14] Dell Draken cringes.
[17:14] Chase Quinnell: Well, Admiral, it's ready. Sending you the schematics now.
[17:14] Racquel Darwin raises an eyebrow
. [17:14] Chase Quinnell: The Luranza should be able to install it as well.
[17:14] Racquel Darwin still watches the ship's position
[17:15] Chase Quinnell: =A= Very well, Lt. Thank you. Necheyev out.. =A=
[17:15] Zem McCallen grins. System ready sir
[17:15] Chase Quinnell mutters under his breath.
[17:15] Zem McCallen: I'm sure of it.
[17:15] Chase Quinnell: Engage the holo-cloak. Make us look like a Romulan attack vessel.
[17:15] Chase Quinnell: Something that conforms to our ship's mass.
[17:16] Racquel Darwin tries to recall Romulan flight patterns.
[17:16] Dell Draken: masking our warp trail sir.
[17:16] Zem McCallen: System engaged sir.
[17:16] Chase Quinnell: Helm, take us to that dyson sphere.
[17:16] Racquel Darwin: Aye aye sir
[17:16] Zem McCallen glances up as bridge lighting wanes.
[17:16] Chase Quinnell: Ops, keep in touch with the Romulan warbirds
[17:16] Dell Draken: aye captain......
[17:16] Chase Quinnell: They're the only ones who really appear as they are and they will need to be the ones doing the talking.
[17:17] Dell Draken: transmitting now captain
[17:17] Dell Draken: they report ready and understand.
[17:18] Zem McCallen: Sir, holo cloak projection functioning...and...stable.
[17:18]  ::The Romulans hail the Dyson Sphere::
[17:18] Dell Draken holds his breath
[17:18] Chase Quinnell: Ops, put the channel feed thru
[17:19] Racquel Darwin works the helm steadily, gently.
[17:19] Dell Draken: aye.....feed active sir.
[17:19] R'Tran: =A= This is the Romulan warbird R'Tran. We request permission to enter the sphere. =A=
[17:19] Racquel Darwin ties to follow standard Romulan flight protocols, such as she knows of them
[17:19] Controller: =A= Transmit your security code, R'Tran =A=
[17:20] R'Tran: =A= Uh, we are transmitting the code now. Standby =A=
[17:20] Dell Draken again, holds his breath.
[17:20] Racquel Darwin watches her console like a hawk, picking up leads from the warbirds
[17:20] Controller: =A= This code is slightly out of date, we will need to verify it's validity. Standby R'Tran =A=
[17:21] Dell Draken swears under breath.
[17:21] Zem McCallen sits up slightly straighter in his chair.
[17:21] Controller: =A= Your code is... satisfactory. you and your fleet may enter. *gives a few orders to station crew =A=
[17:21] R'Tran: =A= Understood, R'Tran out =A=
[17:21] Racquel Darwin rolls her eyes.
[17:21] Zem McCallen relaxes almost imperceptibly.
[17:21] Chase Quinnell: Helm, take us in after the warbirds.
[17:21] Racquel Darwin: aye aye, sir.
[17:22] Chase Quinnell: I sensed that commander was doubtful..
[17:22] Racquel Darwin works at the helm
[17:22] Chase Quinnell: Be on alert
[17:22] Dell Draken tenses at his console, fingers running quickly
[17:22] =A= Admiral Necheyev to the fleet.... =A=
[17:22] Racquel Darwin plots in a few useful evasive maneuvers.
[17:22] Chase Quinnell: Admiral, cut this channel immediately! We're to remain radio silence!
[17:23] Dell Draken: incoming transmission open
[17:23] Zem McCallen frowns in concentration. Eyes slightly wide as if trying to see more of the monitors at once.
[17:23] Dell Draken: oops.
[17:23] Racquel Darwin keeps position with the warbirds
[17:23]  ::Internal defense systems begin to power up throughout the sphere's internal docking area =A=
[17:23] Racquel Darwin: V'chass!
[17:23]  ::The bay doors begin to close::
[17:24] Dell Draken: oh noooo
[17:24] Controller: =A= R'Tran, this is Sphere 1. We intercepted an unusual transmission from one of your support craft.
[17:24] Racquel Darwin: I have 30 seconds to get us out sir.
[17:24] Racquel Darwin: 25 secs
[17:24] Dell Draken rolls his eyes.
[17:24] Controller: =A= Something about an Admiral Necheyev and remaining radio silence..? =A=
[17:24] Racquel Darwin: 20 secs
[17:24] Racquel Darwin: 15 sir
[17:25] Racquel Darwin: 10
[17:25] Dell Draken: recommend storming in captain.
[17:25] Racquel Darwin: 9
[17:25] Zem McCallen: ...standard monitoring of intercepted transmissions....
[17:25] Racquel Darwin: 8
[17:25] Racquel Darwin: 7
[17:25] Racquel Darwin: 6
[17:25] R'Tran: =A= R'tran here.. I think what you heard is merely stale radio transmissions... =A=
[17:25] Racquel Darwin: 5
[17:25] Racquel Darwin: 4
[17:25] Racquel Darwin: 3
[17:25] Racquel Darwin: 2
[17:25]  ::The internal defense systems activate::
[17:25] Racquel Darwin: 1
[17:25] Racquel Darwin: That's it!
[17:25] Dell Draken: looks like we're gonna have to do this the hard way.
[17:25] Racquel Darwin: I hope our friends talk them round.
[17:26] Zem McCallen prepares to divert power systems.....
[17:26] Controler:: =A= R'Tran, do you think I was born yesterday? =A=
[17:26] R'Tran: =A= No sir.. sorry sir. We'll handle the situat... =A=
[17:26] Dell Draken: captain...we have to attack now.........we've lost our advantage.
[17:26]  ::The internal defense phasers destroy the R'Tran::
[17:26] Chase Quinnell: Red alert
[17:26] Racquel Darwin mutters 'pag'hah arrchen!'
[17:26] Controler: All hands, battle stations.
[17:27] Dell Draken: aye
[17:27] Racquel Darwin: Aye aye.
[17:27] Zem McCallen: Decloaking and diverting power to shields
[17:27] Dell Draken: all stations reporting green...sick bay standing by.
[17:27] Chase Quinnell tries to fire at the nearest defense buoy
[17:27] Racquel Darwin: Ready with evasive maneuvers, sir.
[17:27] Chase Quinnell: darn!
[17:27] Chase Quinnell: The defense units dodge my phaser blasts!
[17:28]  ::The ship is hit hard by a phaser blast::
[17:28] Chase Quinnell: Argh..
[17:28] Racquel Darwin works to avoid another hit.
[17:28] Chase Quinnell: Find a way to get us out of here.
[17:28] Dell Draken rocks in his chair.
[17:28] Racquel Darwin again has her fingers dancing over helm...
[17:28] Chase Quinnell: The Luranza is taking heavy damage..
[17:28] Racquel Darwin: Working sir.
[17:29] Racquel Darwin: course plotted in,
[17:29] Chase Quinnell: Somehow we need to open those doors [17:29] Dell Draken: we need to get in that station captain!
[17:29] Racquel Darwin: Warp 8
[17:29] Chase Quinnell: Racquel
[17:29] Zem McCallen: Applies tractor beam, wide angle to interfere with buoy maneuvers
[17:29] Dell Draken: aye
[17:29] Chase Quinnell: We're inside the sphere
[17:29] Racquel Darwin: ready for your mark sir.
[17:29] Chase Quinnell: the doors are closed
[17:29] Dell Draken: oh.
[17:29] Dell Draken: oops.
[17:29] Chase Quinnell: do you want to kill us?
[17:29] Racquel Darwin: No , sir.
[17:29] Chase Quinnell: Then please don't press engage.
[17:29] Racquel Darwin: New maneuvers ready sir,.
[17:29] Chase Quinnell smiles
[17:29] Racquel Darwin: Order belayed sir.
[17:29] Racquel Darwin smiles
[17:30] Chase Quinnell: Firing a volley of quantum torps at those doors
[17:30] Chase Quinnell: No effect
[17:30] Chase Quinnell spews obscenities.
[17:30] Racquel Darwin: Ops?
[17:30] Chase Quinnell: Stall those buoys with the tractor beam
[17:30] Dell Draken: aye sir...tractor beam online.
[17:30] Chase Quinnell: I'm working on a way to get us out
[17:30] Racquel Darwin: Can you formulate a romulan signal to get a crack open in those doors?
[17:30] =A= Necheyev to Redeemer... assist the V'ran. They are taking heavy fire. =A=
[17:30] Dell Draken: good idea...checking now.
[17:31] Racquel Darwin: whatever
[17:31] Chase Quinnell: Yes sir.
[17:31] Chase Quinnell: Get those buoys off of that warbird.
[17:31] Racquel Darwin: Just an Idea sir.
[17:31] Chase Quinnell: Use the tractor beams if you have to
[17:31] Racquel Darwin: all I need is a small opening.
[17:31] Chase Quinnell: I can't hit any of these defense buoys.. they're too agile.
[17:31] Racquel Darwin: Course logged in sir, when we're ready.
[17:31] Dell Draken initiates tractor beams, locking on to the buoys...'i've got them sir.
[17:32] Chase Quinnell: Firing on the bay doors.
[17:32] Chase Quinnell: I can't penetrate
[17:32] Racquel Darwin: Sir, maybe the doors are too strong.
[17:32] Racquel Darwin: But we are inside
[17:32] Chase Quinnell: We need to find another way out..
[17:32] Dell Draken: scanning sir.
[17:32] Racquel Darwin: can we find the locking mechanism and bust it.
[17:33] Chase Quinnell: Maybe. Anyone see our locking mechanism?
[17:33] Racquel Darwin works to keep the ship away from defensive disruptor fire.
[17:33] Dell Draken: scanning captain........stand by
[17:33] Racquel Darwin: There has to be a gatekeeper
[17:33] =A= Necheyev to Redeemer =A=
[17:34] Chase Quinnell: Not now Admiral..
[17:34] Dell Draken: it's a modified sensor receiver sir........if i can get the modulation just right...
[17:34] Dell Draken's fingers fly over his console..
[17:34] Racquel Darwin: I can dodge these old defensive systems sir. For now.
[17:35] Chase Quinnell: I got two of the buoys!
[17:35] Chase Quinnell: 8 more to go
[17:35] Dell Draken: i can open the doors captain, but the weapons are still online.
[17:35] Racquel Darwin: Just give me the opening.
[17:35] Racquel Darwin: Tac can deal with defense
[17:35] Chase Quinnell: Send me the coordinates to fire on.
[17:36] Dell Draken: the door weapons..can't shut those down.
[17:36] Racquel Darwin brings the ship about in readiness.
[17:36] Dell Draken: transferring coordinates to your station sir.
[17:36] Chase Quinnell: Then find a way to
[17:36] Dell Draken: aye sir
[17:36] Chase Quinnell: I'll work on that door latch
[17:36] Zem McCallen: Sir, analysis of the receiver indicates.......
[17:36] Zem McCallen: A primitive modulated IR burst may trigger......
[17:36] Racquel Darwin: The ship lurches as I narrowly avoid a volley of torpedoes.
[17:37] Racquel Darwin: Sorry guys!
[17:37] Zem McCallen: Their system is not very sophisticated sir
[17:37] Zem McCallen rights himself in his seat.
[17:37] Chase Quinnell: Then try it.
[17:37] Chase Quinnell: Send out that infra-red burst.
[17:38] Chase Quinnell: I've got the door latch
[17:38] Zem McCallen works to configure the tractor emitters to an IR frequency
[17:38] Racquel Darwin: Sir, the ship is in position.
[17:38] Chase Quinnell: but we cant get through until those weapons are down
[17:38] Racquel Darwin: Warp 1 sir?
[17:38] Dell Draken: still trying captain!~
[17:38] Racquel Darwin: On your mark
[17:38]  ::The V'ran tries to go through the front door::
[17:38] Chase Quinnell: V'Ran, halt!
[17:39] Dell Draken's fingers blur over his console
[17:39] Chase Quinnell: V'Ran, hold your position... those weapons will destroy you
[17:39] Racquel Darwin's finger is poised
[17:39] Zem McCallen looks to the viewscreen
[17:39] Dell Draken: i can take them offline captain......but we've only got 10 seconds before they reinitialize themselves.
[17:39]  ::The V'Ran goes through the door and takes a heavy hit on its port nacelle. They bounce off the door and fly out into space without any engine power::
[17:39] Racquel Darwin: More than enough Ensign.
[17:39] Chase Quinnell: Then do it
[17:40] Chase Quinnell: Order the fleet to get through the door
[17:40] Dell Draken: .........ok........NOW!
[17:40] Chase Quinnell: the V'Ran can't do much with only weapons and shields.
[17:40] Chase Quinnell: Engage!
[17:40] Racquel Darwin: aye aye
[17:40] Chase Quinnell: Tractor the V'Ran out of here.
[17:40] Racquel Darwin: We're through, sir.
[17:40] Dell Draken: tractor beam online captain....locking on
[17:40] Dell Draken: we've got her.
[17:41] Zem McCallen resets tractor settings just in time.
[17:41]  ::fires 5 quantum torpedos at the interior of the asteroid:
[17:41] Chase Quinnell: That Dyson Sphere is history.
[17:42] Dell Draken: we'll never know who created it
[17:42] Zem McCallen nods.
[17:42] Chase Quinnell: Helm, set course for Starbase 472 and engage at warp 4.
[17:42] Chase Quinnell sets the tactical console to un-attended mode.
[17:42] Chase Quinnell walks over to his chair and sits down.
[17:42] Racquel Darwin: Much less harness the technology
[17:42] Racquel Darwin: Aye aye sir, warp 4...
[17:42] Racquel Darwin: engaged
[17:42] Chase Quinnell: It was necessary to protect the lives of this fleet.
[17:42] Dell Draken: sickbay reports 5 injured captain....
[17:42] Chase Quinnell: I hated it too, and I hoped we could have studied it.
[17:43] Chase Quinnell sighs
[17:43] Dell Draken: hull breaches on decks 3 and 7
[17:43] Dell Draken: repairs crews on their way.
[17:43] Racquel Darwin: Sir, at warp 4 it'll take 3 days to get to the starbase.
[17:43] Dell Draken: someone’s been doing her math.
[17:44] Dell Draken grins.
[17:44] Racquel Darwin nods at Dell.
[17:44] Chase Quinnell: The tractor beam cannot withstand the stress of pulling a warbird at more than warp 5.
[17:44] Chase Quinnell: We'd literally tear ourselves apart.
[17:44] Racquel Darwin: Warp 5 is 1 day 22 hours.
[17:44] Chase Quinnell: Increase to warp 4.8
[17:45] Dell Draken: we can send an engineering party over there them get it back online
[17:45] Dell Draken: if they'll allow it.
[17:45] Racquel Darwin: aye aye sir. Warp 4.8
[17:45] Chase Quinnell: Take us out of warp and beam an engineering team over.
[17:45] Racquel Darwin: Aye sir.
[17:45] Dell Draken: aye captain.
[17:45] Racquel Darwin: Subwarp now.
[17:46] Dell Draken: transporting engineering team....
[17:47] Dell Draken: they're evaluating now mccallen might know better what they found.
[17:47] Chase Quinnell: Keep me informed of their progress, Mr. McCallen
[17:47] Zem McCallen: Aye sir
[17:48] Zem McCallen: Engineering team reports V'ran port nacelle completely offline.
[17:48] Zem McCallen: Estimated time to repair.......72 hours
[17:48] Dell Draken: hmmm, same time frame.
[17:48] Zem McCallen: Also, heavy damages to surrounding Jeffries tubes....
[17:49] Zem McCallen: A second team might be necessary to complete all repairs in that time frame sir
[17:49] Chase Quinnell: Send another team
[17:49] Chase Quinnell: I want them fixed up as soon as possible
[17:50] Zem McCallen: Partial make bring them up to minimal self-sufficiency, could be completed in about 30 hours sir
[17:50] Chase Quinnell: Good
[17:50] Dell Draken grins. 'your a miracle worker Zem
[17:51] Zem McCallen raises an eyebrow.
[17:51] Racquel Darwin is impressed.
[17:51] Racquel Darwin thinks this is a great team.
[17:51] Dell Draken: aye
[17:52] Dell Draken: we could engage at warp 4 while repairs are being completed captain
[17:52] Zem McCallen: We could go as high as 4.5 with some modifications to the inertial dampeners.
[17:52] Chase Quinnell: Engage, warp 4.5
[17:52] Dell Draken: what about the stress on those tractor beams?
[17:52] Racquel Darwin: aye sir.
[17:53] Racquel Darwin: 4.5
[17:53] Chase Quinnell: We should be able to hold out at warp 4.5.
[17:53] Zem McCallen: Indeed.
[17:54] Dell Draken: are you vulcan Zem?
[17:54] Zem McCallen: No. Though I consider them an admirable people
[17:54] Dell Draken smiles and nods.
[17:55] Racquel Darwin gasps...
[17:55] Dell Draken: repairs crews reporting captain......gonna need a few hour in dry dock. but we ok for now.
[17:55] Racquel Darwin: Sir, we are missing commander toshi.
[17:56] Racquel Darwin: Did we leave him in the sphere?
[17:56] Dell Draken: you just now realizing that?
[17:56] Racquel Darwin: I must admit that I was busy driving.
[17:56] Zem McCallen chuckles.
[17:56] Chase Quinnell: Lt Toshi is helping out some of the more damaged ships.
[17:56] Racquel Darwin: ooooh, phew!
[17:57] Chase Quinnell: He's on one of the ships back at the Starbase
[17:57] Racquel Darwin breathes out in relief.
[17:57] Dell Draken thinks Darwin should report to sick bay when her shift is over.
[17:57] Chase Quinnell smiles.
[17:58]  ::The ship drops out of warp at starbase 472::
[17:59] Dell Draken: starbase is hailing us is open.
[17:59] Starbase Control: =A= Task force Bravo. Welcome home... =A=
[18:00] Chase Quinnell: Admiral Necheyev: =A= We did not succeed in finding anything that could have been used. =A=
[18:00] Starbase Control: =A= That is regrettable, Admiral. Starbase 472 out =A=
[18:00] Chase Quinnell sighs
[18:00] Chase Quinnell: A wasted mission
[18:00] Chase Quinnell: That warbird and its crew did not need to die in vain.
[18:00] Dell Draken: that had to have been their main base.
[18:01] Dell Draken: we had to have dealt them a lethal blow.
[18:01] Chase Quinnell: Certainly.
[18:01] Zem McCallen: A noticeable one at least
[18:01] Chase Quinnell: But I have a feeling we haven't seen that last of the RFR...