Burning Blood

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Burning Blood
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Aviator-A Missions
*Production number: AVI-RP032
*Initiated: 110416
*Ended: 110416
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: Burning Blood
*Previous Mission: Deep Freeze
*Next Mission: Bone Dry
*SIM Concept: Markus Tyrellium
*Historian: Markus Tyrellium


"The USS Aviator is a short distance a way, however the crew of the Aviator still searches for their missing captain who is undergoing Pon Farr. A mind meld with Turq has been able to keep the deep burning fire burning from his blood to stay away, but it soon fails and will have to be sedated by the Ships medical team. The Executive officer having no other choice but to contacts Cmdr. V. Swansong and Cmdr. Jadia Triellis and inform them of the events that have been taking place. The ship stops midway out from the Deraxon system to make needed repairs to the ship and systems before moving back into the system.


Lt. Cmdr. Markus Tyrellium Commanding Officer, USS Aviator NCC 75101-A