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A fleet, or naval fleet, is a large formation of ships and the largest formation in any navy whether it is seafaring or spaceborne. A fleet is the direct equivalent of an army on land.

The term fleet can be applied to any significant gathering of starships as well as to refer to the totality of a power's spaceborne forces. Military powers with large numbers of vessels often organise their forces into specific fleets commonly referred to by a numerical designation.

Starfleet operate many numerical fleets made up of hundreds of starships. These fleets are usually commanded by a high ranking flag officer, such as an Admiral though this is not always the case. Most fleets are divided into several tactical wings, each under a subordinate commander. In the age of sail, fleets were divided into van, centre and rear squadrons, named after each squadron’s place in the line of battle. In more modern times, tactical wings are typically composed of homogeneous groups of the same class of starship, such as battleship or cruiser.

Starfleet’s activities in the Delta Quadrant are supported by the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Task Forces. Each of these Task Forces are based out of one of the main UFS spaceborne starbases

Task Force 1 - Home Port - SS Tranquility

Task Force 2 - Home Port - SS Alexandria

Task Force 3 - Home Port - SS Helmut Kohl

Task Force 4 - Home Port - SS Astraios

Task Force 5 - Home Port - SS Pegasus

Starship Classification

Unofficially, many starships are classified by their design type. Although Starfleet tries not to classify their vessels in any such categorisation, there are numerous occasions where officers refer to Starfleet and enemy vessels by their design type instead of their class.

The most commonly used classifications are

Capital Ships

Support Ships

Auxiliary Craft

Industrial Craft