Chasing Toocool

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Chasing Toocool
General Data
*Production number: AST-RP074
*Initiated: 120722
*Year: 2387
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: Conspiracy
*Next Mission: In Search of Toocool
*SIM Concept: Poison Toocool
*Historian: Poison Toocool


Executive Officer Genny7 Markus - Log, Stardate 120921:

Location: uncharted Class L Planetoid, 6 ly trailing SS Astraios -- Our mission was to rendezvous with USS Huitzilopochtli, on route from the Pinastri system, and escort her to Astraios Sector. We estimated 3 to 4 weeks travel time to meeting her. Signals have been intermittent, but that was to be expected given the Astraios effect and the proximity of the Takaar Nebula. Unfortunately the Huit was drawn into our ongoing battle with the vicious pirates who have been operating in the Astraios Sector and beyond. She came to our aid when we were ambushed by 3 Klingon warships, took heavy damage and was destroyed on stardate 120908.1243; fortunately we were able to rescue the majority of the crew, but the bridge officers and Captain Libre are among the fallen.

I can't believe we fell into a trap. We were lured to the ShoValla planet by the thought that we had captured Zhiella Bruxxl's vessel. All indications were that we had severely damaged her fladship. Once we had set repairs in order aboard the Argonaut, and made sure our guests were under care, we sent two teams of Marines down to go aboard the pirate vessel and search it stem to stern. When they had the area secure, we beamed down a landing party to take stock of the situation, myself and the Captain included. Well.... all our readings were false.

There were no crew on the vessel, no life signs in the area, the ship has no warp drive, and has not been operated for some time. It is a derelic. Just as we came to that conclusion, the Argonaut reported a Bird of Prey decloaking. They dropped shields, disabled the planet's grid, and then disappeared. Our ship's crew hardly had time to jump to battlestations before it was gone, but not without a prize: our Captain.

I quickly ordered a return to the Argonaut, but although every part of me wants to race after that ship, I have things to do here first.

Science: our interest in the Bird of Prey on the surface made us postpone a visit to the village to recalibrate the planet shield grid to a different frequency and encryption. The planet's shields are currently down, meaning the population is at risk of predators and the hot sun of this system. Science and engineering take a team to ShoValla to do these tasks as quickly as possible.

Engineering: an assessment of crucial repairs and an estimate of when they will be completed is needed, in addition, we need to maintain or even enhance our shields.

Tactical: we are dealing with Klingon vessels, outdated, to be sure, but fully capable of using cloaks, shields and powerful weapons. We need to examine the last battle and come up with some tactics to give us the upper hand.

Intelligence: we have civilians aboard who were rescued from Zhiella's ship, are they as benign as they appear? Also, how are we being duped by communications, scans and other readings that appear to be genuine?

Operations: power distributions to repair teams and medical triage are paramount at present. But it is absolutely paramount we assess all communications and other readings received and pinpoint the difference between the real and the false information.

Medical: triage and surgery should be nearly complete. Part of our problem is the extra 350 or so souls we have aboard, breathing our atmosphere and eating our food and using our energy.... When the team goes to the ShoValla village I want medical personnel to search for a fragment of hair or skin from a ShoVallen. I want a look at their DNA.

I must talk to the Huit's XO, Cmdr Melville. She's badly injured, in sick bay.

Helm and Tactical are to use all readings to extrapolate a course and heading. We will get underway as soon as possible.

There is no way we are leaving the Captain in the hands of that pirate b... woman.

Crew participation

Cmdr Genny7 Markus - XO, Medical

LTCmdr David7 Bravin - Science, Acting 1st Officer

Cmdr Karl Quar - Helm, Engineering

LTCmdr Breydon Lane - OPs, Medical

Ens Robert Bradshaw - OPs, Comm

LTCmdr Dolfke Barbosa - Security

Ens Saraleah Sands - Tactical/Intel

(Cptn) Poison Toocool - Vexnu, ShoValla Leader


Reporting: Commander Genny7 Markus, USS Argonaut, Stardate 120925 - Location: 6 ly trailing Astraios

The Captain has been taken by a pirate Bird of Prey which is at this moment fleeing the system, hopeful we will be able to keep a lock on its position so as to be able to follow and retrieve the Captain. But before that can happen there are things here that must be done. We must change the code on the shield for the planet to protect the ShoValla, plus we are in great need of more power as two crews plus civilians aboard are putting a great strain on the resources.

We will need an edge in the coming fight to get the Captain back and to finally rid ourselves of this pirate menace, to that end I have made a decision which the Captain will not like and which Command will probably punish me for but I have ask Cmdr Quar to take a team of engineers and security to the Bird of Prey and to relieve the ship of its cloaking device, plus with batteries obtain as much power as possible for our ship, and then after returning to our ship fit the device.

While the Cmdr does that I will go with another team to the village where Science Officer Bravin can change the code on the shield, and while we are there I want Dr. Lane to obtain a DNA sample from one of the ShoValla so that we may better understand how it is that we cannot always see them.

I have also asked OPS to look in to this problem we have with information about our communications getting to the pirates. They have discovered that there have been three messages sent from our ship to a location 10KM from the shield generator, I have asked OPS to go with a security team to make sure it never receives a message from us again.

The messages have been traced to a civilian Science Officer aboard the ship, security will be dealing with that while we are in the village.

Lt. Cmdr Bravin takes an engineer to help him with the shield generator and we have a look around the village, sitting on a wagon is Vexnu and after exchanging greetings with him we ask about taking a DNA sample from him. He is very reluctant but luckily Ensign Sands notices a thorn in his foot and offers to remove it for him while Dr. Lane gets him to allow a cotton swap to be put around his mouth. After saying goodbye to Vexnu we made a hasty move back to the ship before Vexnu works his charms on the females and makes one of them his next wife.