Cheryl Skinstad

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Biographical information Photo
Name: Cheryl Skinstad (Female) Date of Birth (Age): 2007-11-03 (54) SkinstadCheryl.jpg
Species: Betazoid/Terran hybrid Place of Birth: UK, Sherwood Forest
Nationality: British/ Betazoid Ethnic Origin: Caucasian
Languages: English and French Religion: None
Physical information
Height: 1.67 m Weight: 65 kg
Hair: Brown Eyes: Deep brown almost black eyes
Blood type: Not Specified Medical Restrictions: None
Other Important Medical Information: Slight empathic abilities
Other Identifying marks/Features: None
Maritial Status: Widow Spouse Peedy Thor
Children None Mother Not Specified
Father Not Specified Siblings None
Starfleet Records
Rank: Rear Admiral Position: Chief Ambassador, Executive Officer
Current Assignment: USS Taylorholic Durant Branch: Command
Born in Sherwod Forest to Terran Father and Betazoid mother. I have been raised as a Terran, but with the ethical freedom of a Betazoid.
Personal / Professional History Starfleet Service Record
  • Order of Khitomer, 1st Class: 160730
  • UFS Academy Degree Program - Associates Degree: 180324
Medical History Reprimands
No records on file. No records on file.
Promotion History Awards
    UFSA SuperIntendants AwardLegion of HonorFederation StarDistinguished Service RibbonChristopher Pike Medal of ValorFederation Star (2 Awards)UFSA Award for Academic DistinctionRibbon of ValorPrestigious Service AwardOCTS RibbonCOCTS RibbonFOCTS RibbonExtended Tour RibbonGood Conduct RibbonHonor Guard RibbonLifetime Service AwardUFSA avievement ribbon.pngUFSA BranchName Award Red.pngRibbon of ValorPrestigious Service AwardCore Worlders Campaign RibbonRelay for Life RibbonUnited Federation Starfleet Order of the Shining StarCGSD Honorary Award