Classified Retrieval

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Away! be gone foul stick which cast your scent across our land.
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Taylorholic Durant Missions
*Production number: TDRPMT003
*Initiated: 180102
*Ended: 180102
*Year: 2416
*Aliens: Regnumites
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: [[]]
*Next Mission: Binary Coagulation
*SIM Concept: Poison Toocool
*Historian: Poison Toocool

TOP SECRET. MARTIS TEAM LOG. FOR YOUR EYES ONLY: A special team seconded to the USS Taylorholic Durant is assigned to carry out top secret maneuvers as needed. Highly experienced personnel are charged with reconnaissance and intelligence gathering with regard to possible surveillance of Starfleet facilities; and/or the installation of remote communications in potentially hostile infrastructures; and/or position early warning transmitters to notify the Fleet in the event that advanced technology or weapons are used by a unfriendly faction; and/or gather data on unknown civilizations to determine their technological status & potential attitude towards the Federation.


Situation 180101:

A clandistine observation post on Regnum III was dismantled one week ago. The population of the planet is deemed pre-warp and first contact is to be avoided at all costs in keeping with the principles of our Prime Directive. The team of anthropologists departed without detection and are now on their way to San Franscisco, Earth, to report their findings at Starfleet Headquarters. During the flight to the Alpha Qudrant an inventory of equipment took place. It has been established that a damaged Starfleet hypospray was inadvertently left behind. Normally we would scan for those materials and transport the device when no life forms were nearby, however, Regnum III has naturally occurring geological features that deflect sensors when used from an orbital position. A team needs to transport to a location near the observation site and search for the device with hand held tricorders.

Crew participation

Team Command: Marley Knott (Cmdr, Intel OPs ((Poison Toocool))

Team Second: Zania Turner (Comm), OPs/Comms Expert

Team Third: Dominik Landy (Ens), Intelligence ((GreenLantern Excelsior))

Team Fourth: Ginrai Yamabushi (Ens), Engineering Advisor


Reporting: Cmdr Marley Knott:

We landed 18010.18 at specified coordinates. Greeted by tiny winged... not insects... bodies had form of humanoid. They seemed to buzz like bees to me. Rest of team arrived. Once we established bearings, followed the chart to the estimated area where device was allegedly dropped. Nothing could be found. Team members reported dizziness, light-headedness, sleepiness. Yamabushi thought it was an excessive dose of the hypospray contents which had leaked into the atmosphere. It occurred to us that our reception committee might be sentient after all, and possibly needing our help. But none of us had had any sense of communication from them, except for Yamabushi, who seemed to remember a song they had sung to him. The words led us, along with a four legged creature, to a small hill past a bridge, where we located the hypospray. I immediately transported it into space.

We then returned to our beam in point, and Yamabushi attempted to explain we had removed the 'foul stick' and they would be safe from its effects. We left bedazzled by the magical beauty of Regnum III.


Intelligence Log, Supplemental:

Upon return to the shuttle all team members were examined. No ill effects were found. In fact, each one reported having peaceful dreams and a feeling of serenity when they awoke the following day. -- Knott out.