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General Data
*SIM Type: SS Athena Missions
*Production number: ATH-RP039
*Initiated: 110209
*Ended: 110209
*Year: 2386
*SIM Concept: Lan Nakajima
*Historian: Thallanor Rasmuson

With the Orion freighter captain in custody, comes hope that there might finally be some answers to Lan and Lei's strange behaviour and the motives behind it.


Captain's log, stardate 110209:

Now that we have captured the captain of the freighter that assisted Lan and Lei's escape, we might finally be able to piece together some of this puzzle. I hope to be able to determine their motive and also find out why they are so important to whatever cause this might be that an Orion would risk their own life to aid them.

Whatever the reasons, I think that things are going to be getting much more interesting.

Computer, end log.


While I anticipated that the interrogation would be difficult, I was surprised that within the first few minutes, the Orion indicated that she was willing to reveal all details known to her in exchange for protection by UFS. I advised her that while I could not speak for UFS, that Athena would be willing to offer this protection. In exchange for this, she offered up several verifiable pieces of information. There were still skeptics amongst my crew, which was understandable given Orions' tendencies towards deception, but the final gesture of goodwill came when, after returning her communicator, she advised another unknown Orion vessel to decloak and return Lan to Athena. After what sounded like a scuffle and near mutiny onboard the vessel, Lan was transported directly to sickbay, where he was monitored in a secure environment, behind a forcefield.

Victoria ensured that Lan was not in any sort of distress, and began a full set of tests on him, while I continued to speak with the Orion captain. After reassuring her our protection, she revealed the location of the source of this mess, a station or platform outside of the Pinastri system, where some sort of scientist or doctor was using it as a base of operations and was having other scientists throughout the quadrant kidnapped and delivered to for use in some sort of special project, the type of which was unknown to the captain.

I updated my senior officers on the situation. Immediately thereafter, I contacted UFS Fleet Command, where we were advised we would be taking possession of the USS Cheyenne, a Defiant-class starship, on a permanent basis. While this starship will primarily remain docked at Athena, we are about to find out just how valuable such a vessel can be at times…