Cops and Robbers

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Cops and Robbers
General Data
*Production number: AST-RP050
*Initiated: 120122
*Ended: 120325
*Year: 2387
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: Blind Date
*Next Mission: Inception
*SIM Concept: Poison Toocool, David7 Bravin


=^=Encrypted Subspace Message Begins=^=

From: LT David7 Bravin, Captain, USS Mak'ala

To: Captain Poison Toocool, Astraios Colony

Stardate: 130316

Sir, I have received through secure channels a brief report from LTcmdr Dolfke Barbosa, currently leading the away team aboard the Antares freighter, 'The Starfish'. She and her team have transported to Treman and were able to make contact with the buyer for the bacteria, Agent Herbit. The neutralized containers of the virus have been tagged and we should be able to follow their progress as they are delivered to their final destination. The away team discovered stolen goods for sale at a mall near their landing site, and plan to investigate this further while making a deal to buy dilithium for The Starfish to maintain their cover. We do need to decide what to do about the Captain and crew of The Starfish. We cannot let them go back to their vessel, else they may contact Agent Herbit and blow our cover and the operation. Keeping them aboard the Mak'ala and taking them back to Astraios for interrogation would seem the logical thing to do, having regard to the evidence we found on The Starfish.

In service,

Captain D. Bravin

USS Mak'ala

=^=Encrypted Subspace Message Ends=^=

Crew participation

LTcmdr Dolfke Barbosa, Away Team Leader/Captain The Starfish

LT Genny Markus, Asst Chief Medical Officer

LT David London, Science Officer (aka LTjg David7 Bravin)

Dann Quinn (aka Cmdr Karl Quar), Civilian Engineer & Helm, The Starfish

Zhieela Brruxls, Civilian (aka LT Poison Toocool)


Reporting: LT David London (David7 Bravin), Science Officer, USS Mak'ala:

We continued our covert mission on Treman, still posing as the crew of the Starfish. We resumed our search of the mall for likely contraband and also to find some Dilithium crystals that we could purchase, to replace those aboard the Starfish.

We came to a shop, where there the familiar figure of Zhieela Brruxis "greeted" us. We asked the price of the Dilithium that she had for sale and was shocked when she told us that she wanted 5 bars of latinium. Her explanation of the inflated price was that the Dilithium was of high quality and therefore she was not willing to negotiate. We bid her well and headed off to see if we could find any other shops selling Dilthium. We seemed to be in luck when we later found a similar shop selling Dilithium, but when we started started to enquire of the price, Zhieela Brruxis appeared. It seemed that she owned this shop as well and had the local monopoly on the sale of Dilithium, evidenced by the fact that she now wanted 5 bars of latinium for the Dilithium. Our "Captain" tried negotiating the price by offering 2 bars of latinium, but this was immediately rejected. To my concern, Zhieela Brruxis came back with another price - 3 bars of latinium and me !!! ( slavery being another of the trades that were taking place on Treman). Fortunately our "Captain" rejected the new price and whispered that we needed to find some weapons to increase our bargaining power.

Resuming our search of the mall, we discovered a concealed compartment at the rear of one of the shops that contained a stock of hidden weapons. We armed ourselves and returned to renegotiate the purchase of the Dilithium. This time Zhieela Brruxis wanted both me and Dan Quinn, as well as the 3 bars of latinium ! At that point we drew our weapons, taking the Dilithium in exchange for our offer of 2 bars of latinium and beat a hasty retreat. We were chased by Zhieela Brruxis and some of her henchmen, who began firing at us. We managed to make it back to the beam down point, then back up to the Starfish.

Once aboard the Starfish we noticed that Dan Quinn had been injured. Dr. Markus gave him some first aid and then took him off to the Sick Bay.

Upon LT Cmdr Barbosa's orders we left orbit as quickly as possible. She then contacted the USS Mak'ala on a secure channel and informed Captain Bravin of the situation.