Crack that Rock

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Crack that Rock
General Data
*Production number: AST-RP150
*Initiated: 131220
*Year: 2412
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: Another Time, Another Phase
*Next Mission: Test Run III
*SIM Concept: Selenmoira Resident
*Historian: Poison Toocool


A team of Astraios Colony officers work against time to avert disaster. They must stop an asteroid from hitting the sun in a local system...

Crew participation

Cmdr Dolfke Barbosa - Tactical

LTcmdr JohnnyB Guardian - Operations

LT Selenmoira Resident (Daecalad Brôgdram) - Teamleader

LT RhysJayden Resident (RhysJayden Baumeister) - Engineer

LT KirstyTamae Resident (Kirsty Tamae) -Science


Stardate 140106.1208; Leading Officer Brôgdram reporting: My team and the ship, which we should only test, are shifted by a very unusual phenomenon in phases and time. The cause we suspect an event in which an extremely large asteroid crashed into a stagnant sun. Since the phenomenon has thrown us back almost 10 hours in time we have decided to prevent the event and restore our phase and time. The first attempts to destroy the asteroid failed. Commander Barbosa was summoned to the bridge to check with our technical director the calibration of the weapon systems. Lieutenant Tamae conducted a Level 2 diagnostic at the scientific station. I had worries about such a fatal defect at the weapon systems would cause if we have to fire on an enemy instead of a rock. The two experts found a difference in the orientations of the phaser banks and sat on it to fix that. Meanwhile, I let Lieutenant Commander Guardian and Lieutenant Tamae investigate the asteroid for the most weakest point to select the point closest to the core. Tamae checked the course of the asteroid. I once again went through the options that we had developed and precipitated my decision. Helm got the order to bring us into a parking position parallel to the asteroid and align to these. On the recommendation of our operation officer, we launched two astrophysics probes.

At 1231 ship's time we gave yellow alert, the shields went up and Commander Barbosa fired volley to volley at this rock. Tamae had the asteroid constantly in view and supported Guardian at the course corrections that he executed very well. Lieutenant Baumeister make sure that we had more energy for maneuver available to hold our position on the tumbling stone. We slowly ran out of time. We were all aware that something was wrong with this asteroid. Tamae checked the hole we cut in the rock and Barbosa fired on. Lieutenant Baumeister had to prepare the package and evacuate the engine room. As Tamae announced that we had reached the 2.5 km mark helm get order to calculate a flight course. Then everything had to go very fast. Guardian hold the ship in synchronization to our drillhole. Barbosa prepare the rear torpedo launcher with a quantum torpedo. We transfer one of the two Warpcores, our package, into the hole and fire that quantum torpedo. Then Guardian initiated our escape and Barbosa increased the shield energy. Lieutenant Tamae monitored the rock on the spectrometer.

We were pretty shaken up. The asteroid was shattered. Our scientist found an unusual measurement and we followed their recommendation and collect a sample of the debris. Lieutenant Tamae noted that we are back in our time and phase. Relieved, we flew the ship back home and sent an initial report to command. The first analyzes showed that we had collected an unknown alloy from the rubble of this asteroid.