Crisis of Conscience

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Crisis of Conscience.png
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Shogun Missions
*Production number: SHO-RP040
*Initiated: 100109
*Ended: 100111
*Year: 2385
*Forum Thread: Crisis of Conscience
*Previous Mission: Out of Space,Out of Time
*Next Mission: The Final Curtain
*SIM Concept: Ulrich Bechir
*Historian: Damien Korolev, Valerius Swansong

The crew of the USS Shogun battle with the alternatives before entering the Endgame.


Captain's Log - Stardate 100107

We continue to our final destination. Our doctors and scientists have created two possible weapons. Firstly, the neural inhibitor that we hope will keep the Sla'theri and the bioships out of contact with the entity known as UniMind. With this, we hope to be able to confuse these creatures, which work on a hive-mind mentality. This seems to be developing well, but it does need to be properly tested. The second item is a virus of sorts, a biological weapon. Here is where my difficulty arises. The purpose is to distract and cut off the lines of communication. The hope was that it would be something that would make the Sla'theri sick with a minor illness. The problem is with scope. Currently, I have been told that we have a virus that could kill off one third of the Sla'theri. From an ethical standpoint, I'm not sure I can use this. I've been told that natural immunities will be created over successive generations, which go fast with the Sla'theri, but I'm not sure I can use that to justify the kind of potential genocide that we would be committing. My hope is that the doctors and scientific body onboard can find a way to re-engineer the viral load to make it... well... not fatal. We'll have to wait and see, as I cannot justify using it otherwise. Right now, after months of running from the Sla'theri, we're actually actively hunting one out. We need to find a bioship. Our goal is to find one, capture it, and complete some of the trials, especially on the neural inhibitor.


In anticipation of a conflict with the mysterious UniMind, the Captain had ordered that a non-lethal means of disabling it's Sla'theri servant's bio-ships, and troops, be found. Having found such a method, the Shogun set about finding a lone Sla'theri cruiser upon which to test the weapon.

Engineering set the shield emitters to send an EM bubble in the direction of the Sla'theri vessel. The ploy worked and the ship was, for the most part, disabled. The Captain ordered that three away teams be assembled to put the next stage of the plan into action.

Team alpha, led by the Captain, took a shuttle and landed on the outer hull. Once there, the team exited the shuttle and disabled Sla'theri systems that had not been taken care of by the EM pulse.

Team beta, led by Lieutenant Seriman, also took a shuttle across, but this time into the Sla'theri vessel. Once aboard they were to assess the level of resistance aboard. It proved to be more formidable than expected. The team, including Lieutenant Mirabeau and Dr. Swansong, took up defensive positions and began firing on their attackers.

Once there was a lull in fighting, pattern enhancers were set up. This allowed team gamma, led by Commander Dwi to beam across with Lieutenant Brouwer and Lieutenant Kelberry. The lull did not last long, but when the next wave approached instead of fighting, Doctors Skytower and Swansong released an airborne form of the biological agent. It worked as hoped. The Sla'theri attackers were neutralised temporarily, but not killed.

The teams proceeded to the bio-ship's equivalent of a computer core, where once more Dr. Swansong administered the agent. Similar effects were witnessed on the ship, it was disabled, but not destroyed. There being some time before the Sla'theri would regain conciousness, Commander Dwi ordered Lieutenant Commander Baxton and Ensigns Schoonhoven and Sveiss to grab what information they could from the ship's computers in the engineering section.

While Schoonhoven and Sveiss began downloading information from the ship's computers, Baxton and Lieutenant Brouwer investigated a chrystaline structure. While no conclusive results could be gleaned from scans, Lieutenant Commander Baxton was struck by a beam from the crystal as he walked away from it. Brouwer was also injured, but could be treated in situ. Baxton however, had to be transported to the Shogun's sickbay, where his condition became stable, but critical.


Medical Report Detailing Biological Agent

Crew Manifest