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General Data
*SIM Type: USS Shogun Missions
*Production number: SHO-RP124
*Initiated: 110730
*Ended: 110730
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: Curiosity
*Previous Mission: Planetary Ruin
*Next Mission: Haystack Of Needles
*SIM Concept: Teresa Firelight
*Historian: Teresa Firelight

The USS Shogun intercepts messages about several starships being attacked and members of their crew abducted. She sets course to the location of the most recent message to see if she can offer assistance.


Captain's Log

Stardate: 110728

Location: 170.38 LY Trailing Pinastri System, Sector 012F

Alert Status: Green

While Captain Bechir is on the way to his rendezvous point, he has put me in command of the Shogun.

Communications has reported multiple subspace messages coming from several non Federation ships in the region. These reports are alarming to say the least. Communication team members have reported that the messages are urging caution in the area as their ships have been attacked and some of their crew members have gone missing during these attacks. Translations implicate the Xerr or the Zurr as the ones responsible for the attacks.

We are changing course to investigate and see if we can render assistance to the affected ships. ETA is 1.5 days. Operations, Sciences and Engineering teams have begun researching the LCARS database to begin our research of these two species.

Computer End Log


The USS Shogun intercepted on subspace communications of ships being attacked and crew members being abducted. They set course for the position for the last known warning signal. When they were about 10 minutes from that location, they picked up an unknown ship on long range sensors, heading away from the area at warp 8. They hailed the ship and received no response. Tactical attempted to scan them, but the scanners were unable to penetrate their shielding. The ship suddenly stopped and came about to face their general direction, but there was still no answer to the hails. XO Rosine Heinkel ordered the Shogun to set an intercept course but to approach slowly so as not to alarm them.

Shortly after that, the alien ship emitted a bright green intense energy beam towards the Shogun. Even though the beam originated from a great distance away, it cut through the Shogun's shields as if they were not even there, and had a devastating effect on the ship. Several systems shorted out and began to malfunction or go offline, including the weapons systems. About 1/4 of the crew lost consciousness as the beam hit them, and awoke minutes later with a severe headache. Two of the bridge officers, LT T'Prain (played by Isis Gaelyth) and LT Teresa Firelight suddenly vanished from the bridge.

Shortly after that, the Shogun received a rather puzzling hail from the ship, apparently a friendly greeting to “Mr Shogun.” The hail informed them that the aliens had detected an infestation of parasites on the Shogun, and offered to help eradicate them. Then they received a combadge hail from LT Firelight, who reported that she and Lt T'Prain were being held in some sort of containment area. The Shogun opened a link to her combadge, so they could hear what was happening to their missing crew. LT T'Prian discovered that the aliens had not removed her tricorder, so she ran some scans and transmitted the data back to the Shogun.

Engineering teams began working on emergency repairs while the Shogun moved closer to the alien ship. Meanwhile the aliens took the captured LTs out of the containment area, placed them on experimentation tables and began doing painful procedures on them. LT Firelight tried to report what was happening via the combadge link, but many of her reports diminished to screams of pain.

Cmdr Heinkel determined that it would be necessary to send a team to the alien ship to rescue her abducted crew. They began preparations for a rescue operation. Cmdr Moonprince Rhode noticed a binary signal in the background (apparently the alien's language) and rigged some combadges to automatically translate that. LT Sarah89 Edenbaum made a modification to the transporters to allow them to beam in through the shielding to the transporter pads within the ship. Meanwhile Cmdr Niclaus Teichmann analyzed the Zurr weapons systems and determined that Zurr fire power was vastly superior to Starfleet's tactical abilities, so it would be better not to try and engage them in a fire fight.

Just before the rescue preparations were completed, LT Firelight reported that she was being released. Then she corrected that, and reported that she was being separated from LT T'Prian and taken to another part of the ship, where she was confined in some sort of bio chamber. Shortly after that, her reports became incoherent.

The rescue team beamed to the alien ship and began running scans. The aliens were large white robot-like creatures and they did not appear to take much notice of the teams presence, except that one of then hailed “Mr Shogun” and informed him that some of his pets had wandered onto their ship and he should collect then.

The team located Lt T'Prain in the experimentation room, strapped to a table and being experimented on. The Zurr doing the experiments appeared to ignore the team's presence, until they tried to unstrap the LT from the table. At that point, the Zurr grabbed Cmdr Rhode by the ear and yanked him away from the table, scolding him in broken English the way that a person would scold a naughty pet. Then it turned back to the table to continue research on its subject, once again ignoring the rescue team.

At that point, XO Heinkel ordered Cmdrs Rhode and Teichmann to stay there and work on rescuing T'Prain. She and Lt Edenbaum set out to look for the missing Lt Firelight. They entered a room with multiple stasis units and some sort of power core. Each unit contained a humanoid and Lt Firelight was in the chamber nearest the door. A Zurr was working the control panel next to her unit, and it seemed to take no notice of their presence. After running some scans, they determined the LT had been neurally tied into the unit, and it appeared that they were using her brain as a data store and her metabolism as some type of energy source.

Cmdr Rhode found the engine room and worked on disabling the ships power (to lower its shields) while Lt Edenbaum found a way to access the Zurr's computer system. LT Edenbaum also opened the other status units and dumped out their occupants to the floor. This distracted the Zurr and Cmdr Heinkel was able to extract LT Firelight from the bio stasis unit. At the same time, Cmdr Teichmann contacted the Shogun and had them beam LT T'Prain back to the ship. Then he and Cmdr Rhode returned to the Shogun. Cmdr Heinkel and Lt Edenbaum carried Lt Firelight back to the Zurr transporter room and then beamed back to the Shogun.

The two LTs were bought to sickbay for treatment. Cmdr Heinkel commanded the Shogun to leave the area with all haste. The Zurr ship did not pursue them, but it did hail them. First the Zurr thanked Mr Shogun for removing its pets from their ship. Then the Zurr indicated that two of its test subjects had inadvertently been removed as well, and requested their immediate return. The Shogun continued at high warp until they were safely out of range, and then sent a subspace message that they would not be able to comply with that request.


Crew Manifest