Cyborg Impunity

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Cyborg Impunity
General Data
*Production number: 029
*Initiated: 080529
*Ended: 080530
*Year: 2383
*Previous Mission: Beyond the Horizon
*Next Mission: Rest for the Weary
*SIM Concept: Chase Quinnell
*Historian: MilesPrower Dagger


The Redeemer has been sent to escort a Romulan transport to the Nelvara colony. The Romulan transport is carrying a wave of Romulan colonists who wish to settle down in the Federation settlement on Nelvara.

The Redeemer and the Romulan transport(the T'rona) stop at Waystation 241 for a brief crew and passenger exchange. The station's sensors detect a large cube-shaped object coming in at warp 9. It is determined to be a Borg Tactical cube from one of the hostile Borg Tribes..


Captain’s Log



Ship CO: Lt. Chase Quinnell
Ship XO: Lt. Jg Michaels Toshi
Tactical Officer: Lt. Jg Vinnie Lei
Ops & Helm Officer: Ensign Diemme Morane
Marine Soldier: Private 1st Class Lycan Jameson
Science Officer: Lt. Jg Orion Pastorelli
Redeemer's Yard Engineer: Lt. Ronin Calayan

The Redeemer and the Romulan transport, the I'Rona are docked with Waystation 241, awaiting repairs, crew exchanges, and supplies. The man who designed the Redeemer class happens to be aboard Waystation 241 at the time that the USS Redeemer pulls in. He was there to help with the commissioning of the USS Luchris, a new Redeemer class vessel.

Ronin Calayan steps off the lift carrying several PADDs
Ronin Calayan: Greetings Captain, repairs are close to being completed, here is a list of all major repairs that have taken place and those which have yet to be completed.

After Ronin heads back to the station, the ship is hailed by station ops. They inform the Redeemer that a cube shaped object is on an intercept course and would arrive in a few minutes. It is determined to be a Borg Tactical cube. With a fleet of 3 Federation ships(USS Redeemer, USS Luchris[Redeemer class], and the USS Centaur[Sovereign class]), the Romulan transport, and the minimally armed Waystation 241, there was no chance that a Borg tactical cube could have been defeated. It was determined that a task force was needed to defeat the cube; They regrouped further inside of Federation territory and waited..

Station Ops: =A= Lt, you better take a look out there. We've got an incoming cube shaped object. =A=
Chase Quinnell: Elaborate..
Station Ops: =A= Borg. They'll arrive in about 5 minutes at their current speed. We've already sent out a call to all nearby ships. =A=

After meeting up with the task force, the small fleet of ships joined the formation of Federation and Klingon vessels... waiting. The Borg cube arrived and immediately opened fire. It disabled or destroyed atleast 5 ships in less than 6 minutes. Most of them were older classes. During the battle, the Redeemer's shields were shot down allowing Borg to beam aboard the ship. The bridge crew fought the drones who beamed into the bridge with their side-arms and rifles while the rest of the ship did what they could to stop the Borg from compromising anyone or anything.

Vinnie Lei: Sir, the shields are DOWN!

  • Drones beam into the bridge*

Borg Drones: Resitence is Futile, you will be assimilated.
Vinnie Lei: Lt. Vinnie to security, intruder alert!

While the shields were down, a chunk of the Luchris had banged into the forward saucer section of the ship, causing Ten Forward to be literally destroyed. Another chunk had smashed into the Engineering hull.

The shields were finally revived after a stream of drones had already caused considerable damage to the ship.

The USS Luchris was hit hard and was knocked out of commission, leaving it adrift. The Redeemer and other vessels attempted to beam out as many people as possible before it exploded. After losing about 15 or more ships, the cube finally broke apart and exploded. The explosion was so bright, that the viewscreen had to filter out the excess glow to prevent eye damage to the crew.

Mission Logs

[13:08] Chase Quinnell: OPENING SCENE -- REDEEMER IS DOCKED WITH THE WAYSTATION. 2 Federation ships and the Romulan Transport are present
[13:08]  ::turbolift doors hiss open::
[13:08] michaels Toshi: how many have been transferred to the romulan vessel?
[13:09] Ronin Calayan steps off the lift carrying several PADDs
[13:09] Diemme Morane runs the helm commands though a few diagnostics... ensuring all isready...
[13:09] Chase Quinnell: Well hello, Lt Calayan
[13:09] Chase Quinnell: Glad to see you again.
[13:09] michaels Toshi waves and smiles
[13:10] Ronin Calayan: Greetings Captain, repairs are close to being completed, here is a list of all major repairs that have taken place and those which have yet to be completed
[13:10] Ronin Calayan hands over the padd
[13:10] Orion Pastorelli happily taps away at the science console, organizes sensor data logs for transmission back to 001
[13:10] Chase Quinnell nods. "thank you"
[13:10]  ::The station hails the Redeemer::
[13:10] Vinnie Lei sends Orion a nice puzzlegame for him to crack his science mind on.
[13:10] Diemme Morane: Aye sir.
[13:11] Diemme Morane: Station is hailing sir
[13:11] Chase Quinnell: On screen.
[13:11] Ronin Calayan surveys the bridge and then starts to head for the lift
[13:11] Diemme Morane: =^= Channel open
[13:11] Ronin Calayan taps the lift key and waits for one to arrive
[13:11] Station Ops: =A= Lt, you better take a look out there. We've got an incoming cube shaped object. =A=
[13:11] Chase Quinnell: Elaborate..
[13:11] Orion Pastorelli receives the game all intrigued, but then then shoots vinnie a dirty look for the captain's sake
[13:12] Orion Pastorelli grows pale, "the borg?"
[13:12] Station Ops: =A= Borg. They'll arrive in about 5 minutes at their current speed. We've already sent out a call to all nearby ships. =A=
[13:12] Diemme Morane's snaps up from her console: BORG???
[13:12] michaels Toshi: Red alert!
[13:12] Chase Quinnell: Helm, undock immediately
[13:12] Diemme Morane begins undocking maneuvers.
[13:12] Vinnie Lei: Weapons armed and ready sir.
[13:13] Chase Quinnell: Shields up, charge weapons.
[13:13] michaels Toshi: Helm, prepare evasive maneuvers, Vinnie, rotate phasers to a rotating frequency
[13:13] Chase Quinnell: Put the cube on screen
[13:13] Diemme Morane: Couse laid in, sir.
[13:13] Diemme Morane: Evasive maneuvers uploaded.
[13:13] Vinnie Lei: Yes sir, I might need some help from Orion to get the shields more randomized then the borg can adapt.
[13:14] Chase Quinnell: That's... not just a Borg Cube. That's a Tactical cube.
[13:14] Diemme Morane prepares for a heck of a flight....
[13:14] Orion Pastorelli: Tactical cube sir?
[13:14] Diemme Morane snaps on her seatbelt.
[13:14] Chase Quinnell: Tactical cubes are much more powerful than their standard counterparts
[13:14] Orion Pastorelli: but its till borg?
[13:15] Chase Quinnell: Yes, Orion.
[13:15] Chase Quinnell: But it's going to take a lot of firepower to hurt it.
[13:15] Orion Pastorelli: understood sir, uplinking with tactical
[13:15] Vinnie Lei begins to implement some shieldgrid enhancements.
[13:16]  ::The borg cube drops out of warp within range of the small 4 ship fleet::
[13:16] michaels Toshi: woah
[13:16] Vinnie Lei: Oh shit..
[13:16] michaels Toshi: it's massive
[13:16] Chase Quinnell: Open fire. Full spread.
[13:16] Chase Quinnell: Evasive maneuvers, helm.
[13:16] Vinnie Lei: Yes, sir, opening fire.
[13:16] Diemme Morane: aye sir evasive maneuvers
[13:17] Diemme Morane swings the ship around, deftly avoiding the return fire....
[13:17]  ::The Borg Cube wipes out one of the Federation vessels- the USS Centuar (Sovereign class)::
[13:17] Vinnie Lei: Tertially fieldgrid of the cube fluctuating.
[13:17] Diemme Morane's fingers are zooming across her console
[13:17] Orion Pastorelli begins generating shield and phaser modulation algorithms, " Lt. Vinnie, modulate according to these specs
[13:18] Vinnie Lei: Thank you Orion *implements them*
[13:18]  ::A powerful blow from the cube tears a gash down the engineering hull of the Redeemer, causing 4 decks to vent air::
[13:18] Chase Quinnell: Damage report!
[13:18] Vinnie Lei: Shields down to 78%, damage on 4 decks.
[13:18] michaels Toshi gets shook around
[13:18] Diemme Morane keeps the ship in prime firing position.
[13:18] Chase Quinnell: There's no way we can fight them with our current fleet size. 3 ships is nothing against a tactical cube and that station is barely armed
[13:19] michaels Toshi tries to engage emergency forcefields "emergency forcefields
[13:19] Vinnie Lei: Can we get the people off the station and get the hell out of here?
[13:19] Orion Pastorelli taps on the console, "shutting down science lab to make more power available for re-allocation!"
[13:19] Diemme Morane swings around, avoiding another volley
[13:19] Vinnie Lei: Firing another salvo
[13:19] Chase Quinnell: There's only about 45 people on that station
[13:20] Chase Quinnell: Order each ship to beam out as many people from that station as possible
[13:20] Chase Quinnell: Once we have them, let's get out of here and regroup
[13:20] Vinnie Lei: Damage on Deck 17 to 24 from section A to C.
[13:20] Diemme Morane: coordinates, sir?
[13:20] michaels Toshi: darn, we're gonna be spacedust if we dont do something
[13:20] Orion Pastorelli: Ops, please tell me you can get them out of there...
[13:20] Chase Quinnell: Rendezvous with the task force at these coordinates ::Sends the coordinates via his chair console::
[13:20] Vinnie Lei: Swiss cheese with smoke indeed.
[13:21] Chase Quinnell: Do we have the station crew?
[13:21] Diemme Morane: course laid in, max warp ready to be engaged at your command.
[13:21] Chase Quinnell: Engineering, keep this ship in one piece.
[13:21]  ::Another hit from the cube knocks out maneuvering thrusters and inertial dampeners::
[13:21] michaels Toshi falls from his chair
[13:21] Chase Quinnell: Ops, how's the beamups?
[13:22] Diemme Morane: Captain, I'm having trouble keeping it steady.... losing maneuvering
[13:22] michaels Toshi picks himself up and looks at the sparks flying
[13:22] Vinnie Lei: Shields down to 50%, inertial dampeners damaged.
[13:22] Cannot complete attachment. An attachment is pending for that spot.
[13:22] michaels Toshi: if we dont get inertial dampers back online the G forces of warp will kill the crew
[13:22] Chase Quinnell: Ops? How's our beamouts coming..?
[13:23] Diemme Morane: Beamouts are complete, sir
[13:23] Chase Quinnell: Engineering, get my inertial dampeners online
[13:23] Chase Quinnell: We need them to get out of here!
[13:23] Orion Pastorelli turns to his console, sweat beads forming on his upper lip, "Tactical, here is a new modulation algorithm, they already cracked the first one!"
[13:23] michaels Toshi taps away at a spare console
[13:24] Vinnie Lei: *CENSORED* it... thanks Orion, gonna use them immediately.
[13:24] michaels Toshi: inertial dampers are at 30% just another 30 and warp is possible
[13:24]  ::Another hit takes out the port phaser banks::
[13:24] Chase Quinnell: Give it to me Michaels
[13:24] Vinnie Lei: darn, port phaser banks are offline, sir!
[13:24] michaels Toshi smacks his head on the console from the sudden lurch
[13:24] michaels Toshi: you have the 30% sir
[13:25] Chase Quinnell: Engage warp 9!
[13:25] Diemme Morane: Warp engaged. Rendezvous in 3 minutes sir
[13:25] michaels Toshi passes out
[13:25] Vinnie Lei: Medical emergency. Doctor to the bridge! =/\=
[13:26] Orion Pastorelli taps his COMM badge, "science to medical, man down on bridge"
[13:26]  ::The Redeemer drops out of warp at the rendezvous. The task force is waiting::
[13:27] Diemme Morane brings Redeemer around in position with the rest of the task force
[13:27] michaels Toshi's eyes slowly open
[13:27] michaels Toshi: agh, did we get to warp?
[13:27]  ::The Borg Cube drops out of warp and opens fire::
[13:27] Diemme Morane looks over at Michaels, wishing she could help...
[13:27] Chase Quinnell: We're with the task force Michaels. Glad you're alright.
[13:28] michaels Toshi: thank god
[13:28] Diemme Morane engages evasive maneuvers...
[13:28] Vinnie Lei: Direct hit on port nacelle.
[13:28] Diemme Morane is glad she's strapped in!
[13:28]  ::Another hit from the Tactical cube knocks out the Redeemer's shields::
[13:28] michaels Toshi: try and do what you can to keep the nacelle's integrity intact
[13:28] Vinnie Lei: Sir, the shields are DOWN!
[13:28] Chase Quinnell: *CENSORED*
[13:29] michaels Toshi: prepare to be boarded!!!
[13:29] Chase Quinnell: Get them back up ASAP
[13:29]  ::Borg Drones beam onto the ship::
[13:29] Borg Drones: Resistance is Futile, you will be assimilated.
[13:29] Vinnie Lei: Lt. Vinnie to security, intruder alert!
[13:29] Orion Pastorelli: they cracked the new modulation?
[13:29]  ::A phaser fight ensues::
[13:30] Chase Quinnell: Get my shields back ASAP.
[13:30] Diemme Morane regains control of the ship...
[13:30] Chase Quinnell: I dont want any more of them.
[13:30] michaels Toshi picks up a rifle from a dead redshirt
[13:30] Orion Pastorelli: wow sir where did you pull that out of ? your pocket?
[13:30] Chase Quinnell: It was in a compartment under my seat
[13:31] michaels Toshi: us beurocrats still know how to fight
[13:31] Chase Quinnell: Welcome back to the bridge Lycan. your marine training will come in handy.. Our shields are down.
[13:31] Chase Quinnell: Open fire on that cube.
[13:31] Vinnie Lei: Yes, sir!
[13:31] Chase Quinnell: Order the fleet to engage if they havent already.
[13:31] Diemme Morane: Orders sent sir
[13:31] Diemme Morane: Fleet reporting all engaged
[13:32]  ::A miranda class suddenly explodes less than 10 meters from the Redeemer-- debris hit the naked hull::
[13:32] Orion Pastorelli gets back to the science station
[13:32] Diemme Morane: They're hurting pretty bad sir.
[13:32] michaels Toshi is knocked around
[13:32] Diemme Morane straps back in.
[13:32] Vinnie Lei: Direct hit! Deck 3 to 7, section C to G
[13:32] Orion Pastorelli holds on to the chair as the buckles
[13:32]  ::A Redeemer class vessel flies by and is knocked out of commission by a hit from the cube. It is drifting in space::
[13:32] michaels Toshi: rescue their crew
[13:33] Diemme Morane swings the ship around again...
[13:33] Diemme Morane: In transporter range now sir.
[13:33] Chase Quinnell: That looks like the Luchris
[13:33] Chase Quinnell: Get them out of there!
[13:33] Chase Quinnell: As many as possible
[13:33] Vinnie Lei: Sir, the cube is following us! Make it quick
[13:33] Diemme Morane: engaging transport
[13:33] Chase Quinnell: Get my shields back---
[13:33]  ::Another wave of drones beams onto the bridge. Another phaser fight::
[13:34] Chase Quinnell beats the drone over the head with his phaser rifle
[13:34] michaels Toshi: captain! calm down, you'll get yourself assimilated
[13:34] Chase Quinnell: Those guys are starting to piss me off
[13:34] Diemme Morane is a little shaken up by that close one...
[13:34] Orion Pastorelli: darn how are they cracking our modulations algos so quickly?
[13:35] Vinnie Lei: We need to fall back, we can't fight with borg appearing on the bridge all the time.
[13:35] Chase Quinnell: How many of the Luchris did we resc---
[13:35]  ::The Luchris explodes violently::
[13:35] Chase Quinnell: That ship was just out of drydock!
[13:35] Orion Pastorelli: oh god...
[13:35] Chase Quinnell: Not even a shakedown cruise and it is destroyed.
[13:35] Diemme Morane can't fly with the borg appearing all the time....
[13:35] Vinnie Lei: Brace for impact! *sees a piece appearing*
[13:36] Diemme Morane swings the ship, not *quite* getting fully out of the way...
[13:36] michaels Toshi: prepare for cataclysmic breaches!
[13:36]  ::A large chunk of the Luchris' saucer hits ten forward hard::
[13:36] Chase Quinnell: Damage report.
[13:36] Diemme Morane curses in 2 different languages.... and slaps down on the console
[13:36] Vinnie Lei: Forward area Deck 10 completely destroyed.
[13:36] Chase Quinnell: Oh my gosh..
[13:37] michaels Toshi: evacuate all crews to inner areas of the ship
[13:37] Vinnie Lei: Yes sir.
[13:37] michaels Toshi: should prevent so many casualties....
[13:37] Vinnie Lei: Lt. Vinnie to security, evacuate all unessential personnel to inner decks.
[13:37] Captain Reynolds: =A= This is Captain Reynolds of the USS Benton, focus attacks on the crack on the cube's flank::
[13:37] michaels Toshi: a weakness, Vinnie hit it hard!!!
[13:38] Vinnie Lei programs the computer to attack on those coordinates.
[13:38] Diemme Morane swings the ship around to get her into position for the sweetspot.
[13:38] Vinnie Lei: Firing Quantum torpedoes.
[13:38] Chase Quinnell: Science, get me a reading from that crack. Anything we can use to our advantage?
[13:38] Orion Pastorelli: on it sir
[13:38]  ::A portion of the cube breaks off; small corner::
[13:39]  ::The cube fires on a Galaxy class vessel and tears a hole through the bridge section::
[13:39] Diemme Morane manages to dodge the debris
[13:39] Chase Quinnell: We're getting mutilated here
[13:39]  ::Another set of drones beam onto the ship..::
[13:40] michaels Toshi: we shall fight to the last
[13:40] Chase Quinnell: I'd really like my shields back
[13:41] michaels Toshi gets to the Ops console and uses a field equation to get shields back around engineering
[13:41] Diemme Morane gets back to helm JUST in time to swing us away from flying debris...
[13:41] Chase Quinnell: Ohh...!
[13:41] Chase Quinnell: Thank you Diemme Morane.
[13:41] Chase Quinnell: That debris looked massive
[13:42]  ::The Cube begins to loose another chunk of hull::
[13:42] Diemme Morane: Gotta remember to strap in again....
[13:42] Chase Quinnell: Fire on that cube's severed corner
[13:42] Vinnie Lei: Yes sir!
[13:42] Chase Quinnell: We should be able to cause more destruction
[13:42] Vinnie Lei: Firing salvo
[13:42] michaels Toshi: sir, we should try and use our delta flyer, the galvant to hit the cube, it has borg inspired weaponry
[13:42] Diemme Morane: moving us into position, sir.
[13:43] Chase Quinnell: Hmm
[13:43] michaels Toshi: shall i order a crew to the shuttlebay?
[13:43] michaels Toshi: at least they'll be safer than us, it has shields
[13:43] Chase Quinnell: Negative, Michaels
[13:43]  ::A squad of three fighters fly just meters above the Redeemer's bridge and take a bombing run at the Cube.
[13:44] Orion Pastorelli: sir, detecting an osmotic gradient in the the hull plating around the crack - they are probably using gauss field technology for hull integrity...
[13:44] Chase Quinnell: Those Marines really like to show off.
[13:44] Chase Quinnell: Noted Orion, Vinnie, any suggestions on how to use that to our advantage?
[13:45] Orion Pastorelli: a well placed anti-gauss particle pulse could result in a spectacular explosion
[13:45] Chase Quinnell: I think it's worth a shot
[13:45] Vinnie Lei: I think I can reprogram the deflector dish, with Orions help.
[13:45] Chase Quinnell: Make it so!
[13:45] Vinnie Lei: Yes sir *gives Orion some specs*
[13:45] michaels Toshi: ok, helm back us off the explosion will damage us heavily and if too close even destroy the redeemer
[13:46] Vinnie Lei: Better save up for the letter B then.
[13:46]  ::The 3 Marine bombers take out a couple of the cube's sensor relays and put in a relatively irritating dent in their hull::
[13:46] Diemme Morane: Aye sir. backing her up to a safe distance
[13:47] Chase Quinnell: Is the deflector dish ready?
[13:47] Orion Pastorelli: ... sir, the modications can't be done remotely someone has to transport to the dish in a exo-suit and reconfig the induction coils
[13:47] Chase Quinnell: Wonderful
[13:49] michaels Toshi: i volunteer vinnie
[13:49] michaels Toshi hands Vinnie an EV suit
[13:49] Orion Pastorelli: sir, only Lt. Vinnie is qualified to make the configurations...
[13:49] michaels Toshi: awww, ok
[13:50] Vinnie Lei: Time ta rock 'n roll!
[13:50] Chase Quinnell: Ok, Vinnie, get suited up and get out there
[13:50] Chase Quinnell: We'll keep the shields around you.
[13:51] Vinnie Lei: If you don't... I'll haunt your lunchbreaks.
[13:51] Chase Quinnell smiles
[13:51] Chase Quinnell: Michaels.. Guess who gets the aft station(Tactical station)?
[13:51] michaels Toshi: we dont have a 10 forward to have a lunchbreak in anymore
[13:51] michaels Toshi: gah
[13:51] Chase Quinnell: That's right.. I was going to have a coffee after all this
[13:51] Chase Quinnell frowns.
[13:52] Chase Quinnell: I hope no one was in ten forward
[13:52] Orion Pastorelli wonder if the replicators are actually online...
[13:52] Chase Quinnell: =A= Vinnie, how's it coming? =A=
[13:52] michaels Toshi monitors the shields and keeps them over Lt Vinnie
[13:53] Vinnie Lei: =/\= slowly, sir. zero gravity takes times.
[13:53]  ::A photon torpedo slams into the Redeemer's shields above Vinnie::
[13:53] Diemme Morane does her darndest to keep the ship steady....
[13:53] Vinnie Lei: =/\= I will have the programming down in 5 minutes.
[13:54] michaels Toshi: shields around vinnie have failed! =A= Vinnie be quick the shields in your section are gone!!
[13:54] Orion Pastorelli whistles under his breath, impressed by the helm officer's steering.
[13:54] Vinnie Lei: =/\= Programming complete! Returning to the inside.
[13:54] Diemme Morane smiles proudly.
[13:54] Vinnie Lei: =/\= Use it now Orion! I will get inside.
[13:54] Orion Pastorelli quicking sets up a jamming signal to mask vinnies signal from the borg...
[13:55]  ::The ship rocks from side to side::
[13:55] Orion Pastorelli: sir, permission to fire?
[13:55] Chase Quinnell: Encountering some turbulence
[13:55] Chase Quinnell: FIRE
[13:55] michaels Toshi: god damnit, someone do something about the inertial dampers!!!
[13:55] Diemme Morane compensates for the turbulence
[13:55] Chase Quinnell: Did we get it?
[13:56] Diemme Morane: It's still a rough ride sir...
[13:56] Chase Quinnell looks at the flashy screen
[13:56] michaels Toshi: i swear, this ship is falling apart around us
[13:56] Diemme Morane puts her shades on.
[13:56] Orion Pastorelli: sir, there will be a shockwave recommend getting clear
[13:56] michaels Toshi: the cube is losing hull integrity
[13:56]  ::The Borg cube explodes in a violently bright explosion::
[13:56] Chase Quinnell: Helm, get us outta here
[13:56] Diemme Morane: Laying a course to clear the shockwave
[13:56] Diemme Morane: Engaging warp
[13:57] Vinnie Lei: =/\= Captain, it's a nice explosion, especially from the outside.
[13:57] michaels Toshi forgot to beam vinnie back in, then hears vinnie and beams him to the bridge
[13:57] Vinnie Lei: For *CENSORED* sake man!
[13:57] Chase Quinnell: It was Michaels' fault
[13:57] Vinnie Lei: You *CENSORED*.... sir
[13:57] michaels Toshi: hey, i dont normally have transporter control
[13:57] Chase Quinnell grins
[13:58] michaels Toshi points at Diemme transferring all blame
[13:58]  ::The shockwave passes the redeemer, causing some turbulence::
[13:58] Chase Quinnell: Status on our Fleet?
[13:58] Orion Pastorelli looks at vinnie like he is seeing a ghost, " wow I almost thought we lost you, sir"
[13:58] Diemme Morane looks innocent!
[13:58] Vinnie Lei nods "That's half of the fun" and grins widely.
[13:58] Captain Reynolds: =A= USS Benton to all ships, report in =A=
[13:59] michaels Toshi: all stations, damage report *sinks back in his seat feeling exhausted*
[13:59] Chase Quinnell: USS Redeemer here. We're good and in one piece.. for the most part.
[13:59] Diemme Morane: Reports coming in, sir...
[13:59] Vinnie Lei: Shields mostly down or fluctuating, port phaser banks still offline. One torpedo tube damaged.
[13:59] Chase Quinnell: Stand down from red alert
[14:00] Diemme Morane: We've taken some heavy casualties, and a few of the ships aren't responding....
[14:00] michaels Toshi looks at the pieces of strewn bulkhead on the floor
[14:00] Chase Quinnell: This is a bitter victory I'd prefer had never happened.
[14:01] Diemme Morane: Aye sir.
[14:01] Diemme Morane shakes her head sadly.... listening to the silence from the unanswered hails...
[14:01] You: ::The Redeemer's plaque falls on Vinnie's head::
[14:01] Vinnie Lei: Ouch!
[14:02] Chase Quinnell: Gonna have to fix that
[14:02] Orion Pastorelli blinks and shakes his head at the bad omen...