DS-06 Gremlin

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General Information

The DS-06 Gremlin was designed to work exclusively with the DP-X201 Drop Pod, however it can be refitted in the future to be a platform for other drop equipment to include armor and supplies.


The DS-06 Gremlin was developed in tandem with the DP-X201 Drop Pod in 2384 and has since seen limited service with the Marine Aerospace Corp in 2385

Design Statistics

The DS-06 Gremlin has capacity for a squad of 6 marines and 1 pilot. It features 2 drop tubes combined with a complex replicator system able to create a DP-X201 Drop pod in each tube and can release two drop pods at a single time. The DS-06 Gremlin also features an advanced counter-measure suite to further prevent being targeted and shot due to it's slow flight ability. It has 4 orbital/atmospheric engines as well as VTOL downward thrusters to provide a stable platform for drop pods to be released effectively. While it does not have a warp drive, it was meant to be carried aboard a carrier starship and released to support deployment to hot-zones and behind enemy lines. Despite it's heaviness, it can be fairly nimble thanks to the downward thrusters that can be fired independently. Unfortunately due to it's design it does not have any offensive weaponry and relies solely on it's heavy armor to prevent from being shot down by enemy Anti-Air and it's counter-measures for insertion to hot-zones.


  • Mk1 - Prototype: Essentially this model was tested for orbital drops and featured a warp drive for short range missions, however when entering the atmosphere of the test planet the mass of the ship proved too great for the VTOL downward thrusters to compensate for and quickly crashed planet-side on it's first atmospheric entry.
  • Mk2 - Prototype: This model had it's warp drive removed to cut down on weight and proved to be a stable platform for drop pod release in orbit and in the atmosphere of the test planet. After the successful test of both drops it was soon fitted with 4 drop tubes for multiple drop testing. Unfortunately the weight of the added drop pods proved too great for the VTOL downward thrusters to compensate for and it also crashed on the test planet.
  • Mk3 - First Production Unit: This model featured everything previously done and cut down from 4 drop tubes to just 2, extensive testing was done on the complex replicator system and was deemed fit for service.
  • Mk4 - Upgrade: This model was upgraded with the latest counter-measure software and hardware to include sensor jamming, electronic chaffs, flares, a holographic decoy system and reinforced Mk 3 directional shields for atmospheric entry and missile deflection.