Dark Side of the Moon

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Ion storm 001.png
Dark Side of the Moon
General Data
*Production number: AST-RP009
*Initiated: 120122
*Ended: 120325
*Year: 2387
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: Bait
*Next Mission: Blind Date
*SIM Concept: Poison Toocool, David7 Bravin


Commanding Officer Poison Toocool - Log, Stardate 120301: The USS Mak'ala has the crew of the Antares freighter "The Starfish" under quarantine aboard the Starfleet vessel. The ship is in ghost surveillance, charting a course along the same route as the cargo vessel, which is headed towards Treman with Starfleet officers aboard, masquarading as civilian crew. Their task will be to locate the buyer waiting on the planet and investigate. A report reached us via the Mak'ala: The Starfish has arrived in the Treman system and is preparing for the mission while hiding out of sensor range behind a moon... they are advising there might be a delay in their mission to the planet due to an Ion Storm... they also report the IAD Agent, Ensign Saraleah Sands, cannot be located by internal sensors....

Crew participation

LT Dolfke Barbosa, Chief Security Officer, Away Team Leader

Dann Quinn (Cmdr Karl Quar), Civilian Engineer & Helm, The Starfish

Ensign Saraleah Sands, IAD Agent


Reporting: LT Cmdr Dolfke Barbosa, The Starfish: We were preparing for our covert mission to the Treman surface, still hiding The Starfish on the dark side of the Treman Moon. We changed our uniforms for more civilian clothes and went to the transporter, which was offline. Searching for a reason, our scanners detected an upcoming ion storm, so we had to postpone our mission at least for its duration. I sent an encrypted message to the USS Mak'ala, to tell them we are on hold for a few days, as the storm is taking more and more electrical power and causing severe lightning strikes to the planets' surface. It's not safe to go out now, we are lucky the moon shelters us from most of the blast. We hope this creaky freighter will hold us safe till the storm passes by, and we can beam to the surface to continue our quest. In the meantime we keep searching for Ensign Sands, room by room.


Reporting: Ensign Saraleah Sands, The Starfish: Reporting that I finally managed to get out of a secret compartment in the bulkhead. I lost contact with the rest of the group as I was searching for contraband weaponry. I touched a portion of the bulkhead and a part of the wall and a circular section of the floor swiveled around 180 degrees and I found myself in a poorly lit room. It turned out to be seriously reinforced. Me banging hard oh the surface and shouting as loud as I could was not picked up by the rest of the crew who must have been between 10 and 15 yards away from me at that point.

After fumbling around in darkness (aided by my experience with blindfolded zero-g-wrestling) I managed to find a panel that turned on a dim yellow light and revealed a real catch.. a large quantity of heavy Mark III phasers and force field concussion grenades (the lethal kind forbidden by UFS laws) but our luck didn't end there: I found several outfits of civilian clothing for use on by pirates as well as detailed info from Intel branch regarding customs among the criminal groupings making a living smuggling and execiuting random acts of piracy.

I also found logfiles from The Silver Crescent, an independant merchant ship that recently vanished while transporting simple food items to mining outposts. No wreckage has been found of the vessel and initial reports have indicated either a major malfunction /misjump throwing the ship through jumpspace in a severe vector with a random exiting point, or acts of piracy. I believe we can conclude with a reasonable amount of certainty that the Silver Crescent has been taken by pirates, probably being refitted to be used as a piracy vessel and its crew either ejected through the airlocks or sold to slavery in remote systems. According to Intel branch info a more sinister picture is starting to appear when looking at the overall pirate attacks and correlating this info with the financial markets of goods whose prices are affected by the increasing difficulty of deliveries.

At the moment nothing can be proven but it seems that somebody that does certain investments does it in perfect concert with pirate attacks, which indicates a connection that bears a further investigation by Intel operatives. Either it's by chance or there is going something on that we need to look into.