E.S.S. 414 (Mission)

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"Extreamists often have a Logic, all of their own."
E.S.S. 414
General Data
*SIM Type: Cross-Sim Roleplay
*Production number: ALE-RP011
*Initiated: 110124
*Ended: 110124
*Year: 2386
*Aliens: Humans, Melosians
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: The Human Puzzle
*Next Mission: Alexandria Twilight (Part 1)
*SIM Concept: Verbum Willowind
*Historian: Verbum Willowind

Alexandria makes first contact and attempts to aid E.S.S. 414, an ancient Earth station that has become trapped in a subspace sinkhole.


Station Log

Stardate 110124

Jupiter has proven to be an excellent asset to the Alexandria crew. Thanks to her assistance, computer systems are working at peak efficency and we have been able to conduct repairs to the station a lot faster then beforehand.

Thanks to Jupiter's assistance, we have been able to analyse the direction that the strange signals have been orginating from. Alexandria is still recieving them at a four hour interval per transmission and we are still no closer to decoding them, however it might also to explain how Jupiter was created.

We have given Jupiter sufficent memory space in our computer and my Cheif Engineer has found a way to contain her presense from every critical system on the station. This will help to ensure that she can never put the station at risk again should we have another incident.

However, personally I believe that she will not cause many problems for us here on Alexandria. She seems to have a good understanding of Federation values and somehow accepts them like we do. She is proving to be a popular resource with the crew but I am going to remain carfully observing her behaviour.

The signals appear to be orginating from somewhere outside of our sensor range in the Sylleran Rift however recent improvements to our sensors have located what appears to be a space station, on the edge other side of the rift.

We have travelled to the space station and discovered that it is actually a station known as E.S.S. 414, an old Earth station of some kind that has become stuck in a subspace sinkhole that has caused it to make increadible leaps in both time and location. We will attempt to assist them by sending down a full away team to assist in stabalising the station.


The crew of SS Alexandria approached the station, Ensign Peaches2U Camino scanned the station to determine if it was safe for transport. When we beamed over, we were gretted by Commander Saltek Viper who commands the station. Commander Willowind stayed with Ensign Camino as the rest of the crew met with their E.S.S. 414 counterparts to get to know them and analyse their society. It has been concluded that E.S.S. 414 was an old station that used to reside in orbit of Earth however extensive record searches have determined that the station never existed during the time frame searched and the location.

However Ensign Camino discovered that the station may have been brought here through a subspace fissure that was responsible for pulling the station to its present position in the Delta Quadrant and at this point in time. Analysis of an unusual holographic display table in security showed that the console had bio-neural fibers which is way in advance of the proposed timeline. Our conclusion is that this technology may have been salvaged from an alternate universe due to the unusual quantum traces in the molecular structure of the object.

Each department has supplimented a report describing their encounters with the E.S.S. 414 station and their crew,