Echoes in the Night

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Echoes in the Night
General Data
*SIM Type: SS Tranquility Missions
*Production number: TRA-RP172
*Initiated: 140714
*Ended: 140714
*Year: 2411
*Forum Thread: Executive Officer Log
*SIM Concept: Siobhan Crystal
*Historian: Grooveshark101 resident

United Federation Starfleet

Mission Report

Tranquility Mission Log


Executive Officers Log

Stardate: 140714

Report submitted by: Siobhan Crystal

Subject: SS Tranquility Mission log

XO Log, Stardate: 140714.2121

A small crew consisting of FCAPT Siobhan Crystal, Lt Lei Hanfoi, and cadets, Anjevia Fullerton and Alystin Wylde-Whitefalcon manning Bridge stations, took the USS Cheyenne out for a series of maneuvers following its final re-fit. All was going well, the ship running smoothly as it progressively picked up speed when it seemed to hit a wall of energy and was and power was lost. Sensors detected an energy signature which matched those of an Iconian Scout vessel. Attempts to hail the vessel failed. FCAPT Crystal ordered an immediate check of all systems and ordered power transferred to shields until a diagnosis could be made.

Engineering reported a shorting out of electronics, but didn't feel the damage was significant, but until completed, recommended a conservation of power. About this time a plasma charge was leveled at the Cheyenne from the Iconians. Shields held and no damage was reported. Cadet Wylde-Whitefalcon went to check on the report of a downed crewman which turned out to be a myocardial infarction. The crewman was sent to sickbay where his condition was stable. Cadet Fullerton expressed a concern about a possible dampening field and the possibility that a subsequent plasma blast could fry the warp core after FCAPT Crystal ordered a diverting of the shield generators to concentrate power on forward shields. After a short discussion about creating some sort of diversion, Crystal ordered an "echo" effect to be created that would bounce the Cheyenne's signal away from the ship. Non-involved personnel assisted the cadet with devising this.

True to their word, Engineering was able to effect repairs quickly and after some re-booting the Cheyenne was able to regain 85-90% of power, but not before receiving another plasma blast from the Iconians. Shields held once more and the echo effect was completed in time to prepare for the next strike.

FCAPT Crystal ordered Security Chief LT Hanfoi to aim weapons at the Iconian weapons systems. It had been noted that there was a slight fluctuation in energy prior to the Iconians firing and for a brief moment after. Crystal ordered an immediate acceleration toward the Iconians to be timed with activation of the Echo Effect. As the Cheyenne passed near the Iconian bow, weapons were fired simultaneously with the Iconian firing of a larger plasma discharge at the spot previouly occupied by the USS Cheyenne. Sensors indicated a significant amount, but not a crippling amount of damage to the Iconian weapons. As the Cheyenne was brought about for another pass. the Iconians disappeared. Scout probes were deployed in the area and FCAPT Crystal ordered a return to SS Tranquility.

FCAPT Crystal wants to commend the crew on its handling of the situation and its ability to keep calm and work as a team.

In Service,

FCAPT Siobhan Crystal

Report submitted by: <Siobhan Crystal>

Executive Officer

Sector 001