Eddies and Extermination

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Eddies and Extermination
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Shogun Missions
*Production number: SHO-RP106
*Initiated: 110326
*Ended: 110326
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: Eddies and Extermination
*Previous Mission: Critters
*Next Mission: Big Brother Is Watching
*SIM Concept: Ulrich Bechir
*Historian: Teresa Firelight

The crew of the USS Shogun is working around the clock to try and effect repairs from the catastrophic system failures. But despite their best efforts, things go from bad to worse for them....


Captain's Log

Stardate: 110324

Location: 195.92 LY Trailing Pinastri System

Alert Status: Red

For the past week, we have all been working together to find a solution to our current problems. While Engineering and Operations have been keeping the ship going as best they can in terms of life support, etc. Sciences and Medical have been trying to deal with the strange spores. Security has been present, watching for odd behaviour, but this hasn't been an issue yet. We are Starfleet personnel and we have been through worse. While the circumstances were dire, they were not as critical as they recently have become.

At 110324.1257 a subspace eddy struck USS Shogun. In optimal conditions I would try to figure out where this came from, but right now is not the time. This eddy has put Shogun in motion at near light speeds... towards a solar system. By current estimates we will breach the solar system on 110326.1128 at which time their sun's gravity will catch us and pull us to certain destruction. All department are working at capacity to find an answer. For now, our hopes remain as follow:

1) Working together all departments are able to restore power and find a way for us to remove ourselves from the gravitational pull of the star.

2) USS Nautilus will arrive and aid us in time.

I, however, do not hold out much hope for Nautilus. I have contacted their captain and we did speak several times over coded channels about insertion methods... until 110322.0323, when their beacon signature abruptly vanished. Since that point, there has not been a trace. I'm hoping there was a disruption due to an anomaly of some kind, or that they have decided to maintain communications silence for a good reason. However, we need to labour under the belief that the Nautilus will not make it in time. I believe that together we can save Shogun and everyone on board, however, I still will make other contingencies ready.


Science and medical had been working very hard all week to find a way to counteract the spores. Likewise, engineering and operations had been working together to try and restore ship power and functionality. But despite their best efforts, the ship was far from being operational, and the problems far from being resolved. To make matters worse, a space eddy caught the USS Sheppard and dragged it towards a solar system, where the sun's gravitational force would eventually pull the ship into it. Captain Ulrich Bechir called the department chiefs to his quarters for a briefing, while the rest of the crew continued working hard to find a solution to their dilemma.

First the captain explained his evacuation plans to the senior staff, sharing that the time-window for safe evacuation was fairly tight. He would evacuate civilians immediately, followed by nonessential crew, and then finally those crew working to restore critical systems. He also asked for any alternative plans and one was offered. Doctor Fargus Skytower suggested that they might be able to use radiation to kill the spores. The drawback was that the radiation would also be lethal to the crew, but at least one person would have to remain on board to administer the radiation. Since it was the only plan on the table, Captain Bechir decided to evacuate the ship and be the one who remained behind to implement the doctor's plan – assuming that testing showed the doctor's plan to be viable.

While they were discussing this, LTCMDR Moonprince Rhode hailed Chief of Engineering SVAndrei Baxton to inform him of an alternative plan that Sarah89 Edenbaum came up with. That plan was to eliminate the spores from the computer core by super-cooling it to near absolute zero in hopes of killing the spores, then to reheat it and restart the computer. Once the computer was operational, they could bring the warp core back on line and use their engines to escape the gravitational pull. The Captain ordered his officers to test engineering's cooling theory as well as the doctor's radiation one. Doctor Skytower worked with Chief of Science Moira Kelberry to test the doctor's theory in a force-field contained environment. At the same time, LT Edenbaum and LTJG Teresa Firelight of operations tested the super-cool theory on an infected bioneural gel pack in cargobay 2. Both tests were successful, but the safe evacuation window closed before they had time to implement either.

Captain Bechir ordered all hands to evacuate the ship, intending to stay behind and implement the doctor's radiation solution. But several members of engineering, operations and security refused to evaluate ship since there was a safer way of saving it. The engineering and operations officers who remained on board implemented LT Edenbaum's core cooling plan. The spores were irradiated. They restarted the computer core and got propulsion systems back on line. Then CMDR Rosine Heinkel piloted the Shogun to escape the sun's gravitational pull and parked her in orbit around a moon. They supercooled the rest of the ship to kill any remaining spores, then retrieved the escape pods.

Sadly there were two fatalities due to a safety pod malfunction and hard landing. But the rest of the crew was saved. The Shogun remained in orbit around the moon for two days to effect repairs.


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