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Frozen Planet
General Data
*Production number: AST-RP095
*Initiated: 130224
*Year: 2388
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: Frozen Planet
*Next Mission: The Clue in the Cave
*SIM Concept: Poison Toocool
*Historian: Poison Toocool


Captain's Log Poison Toocool - USS Argonaut. Location: outskirts of the Tiberius Nebula. Stardate 130330:

We are currently monitoring the progress of the Away Team that shuttled to the surface of a Class P planet in search of the source of the signal we have been unable to decipher. The atmosphere below is cold but science determined environmental protection was not required. No life signs have been found. However, medical is now examining a humanoid corpse that appears to have suffered a violent death. The team is searching the surrounding area before returning to the shuttle, looking in particular for anything like a tricorder, PADD, or other device that may hold logs which we could use to assist us in translating the signal... and finding out who lived here and what happened to them.

Unfortunately sensors show atmospheric changes: wind speed is increasing and surface temperature is dropping - it seems a blizzard is moving into the habitation area. Time is short, I have advised Commander Markus and LT Sands to gather scans, data and other information as swiftly as they can and return to the Argonaut.

Crew participation

2nd Officer/Chief Science Officer - LTcmdr David7 Bravin

XO - Cmdr Genny7 Markus

Chief Tactical - Cmdr Dolfke Barbosa

Chief Engineer - Cptn Karl Quar

Chief Medical Officer - LTcmdr Breydon Lane

CO - Cptn Poison Toocool


Reporting: LTcmdr David7 Bravin - Chief Science Officer, Stardate 130331

I continued to lead the Away Mission down on the P Class planet. The local communication problems having been resolved, after regrouping I split the Away Team into two groups once again. The first team I assigned to go back to the dead body that had been found and carry out a thorough examination of the body and the area. The second team I assigned to go and look for any technology that may be about, with a view of either collecting it for examination or recording what may be found. I stayed by our shuttle, keeping open communication with the USS Argonaut and the rest of the Away Team.

No sooner had I started to receive reports from members of the Away Team, than I received a communication from the Captain aboard the Argonaut, that sensors were showing a deterioration in the weather in our area and that a blizzard was on its way. Reluctantly I ordered the members of the Away Team finish up what they were doing and head back to the shuttle. A number of discoveries had been made in the short time that we had been down on the planet. These included a humanoid body, which had seemingly be killed by another life-form; a cave that was inhabited by bat like creatures; a computer, the data from which was being uploaded onto the ship's computer system; and an advanced shuttlecraft that was out of power. On returning to the Argonaut we reported our findings to the Captain.

Data obtained from the Away Mission was then analysed using the computer systems. The signal seemed to be a distress call. Also data obtained from the abandoned shuttlecraft lead us to identify a warp trail, that the Captain was keen for us to follow. However with the blizzard abating, the Captain agreed that we could make another short Away Mission back to the surface of the planet to check out the cave that we had found, whilst essential repairs were carried out to the ship.