Electric Nightmares

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Electric Nightmares.png
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Shogun Missions
*Production number: SHO-RP057
*Initiated: 100501
*Ended: 100503
*Year: 2385
*Forum Thread: Electric Nightmares
*Previous Mission: Beginning in Desolation, Ending in Fear
*Next Mission: The Hole in Space
*SIM Concept: Ulrich Bechir
*Historian: T'Rennek Yuitza, Teresa Firelight, Kiefer Eales

As the USS Shogun continues to move forward, it encounters a more familiar looking enemy.


Captain's Log - April 29, 1885.

Ship's Chronometer: 100501

Distance from Pinastri: 177.29 LY Rimward

We are back on course and heading towards Pinastri, although what we'll find there who knows. Our crew is still shaken from the events of last week's planetfall. I'm sure that this particular set of issues isn't over yet and won't be until we find our way 'home'. LT Digfoot and myself, as well as all the senior staff, do our best to deal with flagging morale. However, seeing the potential 'evolution' of one our greatest enemies and being able to do nothing about it is frustrating to say the least. We continue to study what we find along the way, hoping that we can pass the information along to historians and scientists in Starfleet. Perhaps through out studies we can find more ways to battle our own version of the Borg. However, it is a fine line. We must study without altering the timeline. While destruction of the Borg is definitely desirable, the contact with the Borg led to new technology, new ideas, and new movements by The Federation. None of that can be ignored. For now we stay wary of every blip on the sensors. We move at a fast rate, but not insanely. We never know what our next contact may be.


While in route back to Pinastri, the USS Shogun encountered a Proto-Borg Vessel. Sensor scans confirmed, as in prior encounters with the Proto-Borg, that they are entirely cybernetic and have no organic components. Further scans showed that the ship was equipped with primitive weapons and defensive systems.

The Proto-Borg ship then began to engage the Shogun, however it was quickly disabled. Boarding parties were sent over to the disabled Proto-Borg ship. Upon arrival they came under attack by primitive non-organic drones that used simple melee weapons. Science and engineering teams worked to secure additional data from the computer systems. The team also found that the Borg were very close to moving from being purely mechanical to also having living organic matter.

Upon return to the ship all mission materials were isolated in order to prevent contamination.


Crew Manifest